Need Help with Blood Test Results

Need Help with Blood Test Results

All saying normal Apart from CRP (Inflammation) Feel far from Normal nearly 5 Years of Trying to get Help , Doctor Just given Antidepressants & A Diet Sheet , put over 50Lb on & Have so many Symptoms , of Thyroid Trouble Maybe (HASHIMOTOS ) So got Bloods done at Medicheck . Don't know what to do next 😩😰 Please πŸ™πŸ»any Help would be Greatly appreciated.

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Hi Scousechick,

Unfortunately I am not yet somewhat of an expert on readings. I only joined the forum a couple of weeks ago. However, there are plenty of knowledgeable and kind people on this forum who I would personally trust more than the years of neglect I and many have suffered by our supposed health care professionals.

I am sure a thyroid friend on here will respond with the best advice. It's like having your own private doctors who really know what they are talking about.

Thanks Fingercrossed 😊

I'm sorry, but it's impossible to interpret those results, without the ranges.

I take it you haven't yet been diagnosed with anything? And, in the UK, I don't suppose you will, because although your TSH says 'hypo', doctors won't recognise it until it's at least over-range. I take it yours isn't.

One other thing I can tell you, without a range, is that your B12 is much too low. So, low, in fact, that I think your doctor ought to test you for Pernicious Anemia. And you should do that before attempting to supplement in any way.

Hi Grey Goose Thanks for the Reply, try to post the Range for you , put its come out small , 😫 New to this posting , Yes I live in the UK & Havnt been diagnosed yet as keep getting told results are normal , Thanks so much for taking the time to look at results & reply xkx

Just edit the post and put the ranges in the text. Don't bother messing around with the photo. :)

Thanks will do πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

Range results

MIU/L 0:27- 4:20 TSH

PMOI/L 12:00 -22:00 Free T4

NMOI/L 59:00- 154:00 Total T4

PMOI/L 3:10 - 6:80 Free T3

IU/ML 0:00 - 115:00 T Anti

IU/ML 0:00 - 34:00 T P A

Vitamins Range

B12 162 . PMO/L 140:00- 724:00

Folate 4:44 . UG/L 2:91 - 50:00


CRP 6:3 . MG/L 0:00 -5:00

Iron 91:6 UG/L 13:00 - 150:00

Thanks Grey Goose 😊

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