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Brands / fillers in T3

I haven't started on my T3 journey yet; excitedly awaiting delivery.

I have read many posts and many replies on Thyroid UK and one thing I've pick up is that different manufacturers produce T3 with different fillers; some fillers causing issues.

Which brands have which fillers please and why can't they be made in capsule form with an oil as the filler (as in Vitamin D3 for example)?

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I have never seen anything assessing the solubility in oil of thyroid hormone. Possibly it simply could not be made satisfactorily?

The one really different product is a gel cap - available in the USA and some European countries.

You can see what is in the UK makes here:


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If you scroll down past the information on NDT there is information on which fillers and ingredients are in T3 in this link stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...

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