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Feeling great without taking meds? Advice please

Hi all.

So today I had bloods so didn't take my thyroxine tablet in the morning and then forgot to take it later.

Anyway, I have been feeling really energised. I am usually really fatigued and that didn't happen today. Could the fatigue be a side effect from meds?

I did start holidays so no school, but still I felt more energised.

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Please don't stop taking your meds! It could be you aren't on the correct dose or that a different kind of thyroid replacement might work better for you but I can assure you that this good feeling won't last. I took a week break from levo prior to starting on NDT and I felt great, brain fog disappeared etc..and then I woke up one morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus !!

What meds are you on?


I'm on thyroxine tablets 100micro grams daily and they are the brand eutroxig


Do you have your most recent blood test results? If not, ask your doctor if you can have them and then start a new post on here with your results so we can see if you may be under medicated. If you aren't then it could be that a change of brand might help x


I just had bloods on Saturday. Will post results when I get them some time this week. x

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