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Has anyone used Lichen D3 with proven blood results?

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Hi Folks, so earlier this week I've decided to change my D3 supplement to Lichen based.

Having a result of 65.9 nmol/L (50.00 - 200.00) was a deciding factor to increase and experiment. (Currently on 1000iu spray)

I looked into the usual Lanolin based supplements but having allergic reactions to any type of livestock, it kind of put me off of it.

I'd like to hear from anyone that uses Lichen and what results you had?

I'll plan to use 2,500iu (oil based dropper) for 6-8 weeks and then get bloods done again. I'll post back with findings.

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I've never heard of this kind of D3. Do you have a link to what you bought or any other info on it?

It's a vegan/vegetarian source of D3. E.g., vitashine-d3.com/vitashine....

Brilliant, thanks! I was aware that D3 is usually created out of lanolin and I'm not happy about having to take it. I have skin which is sensitive to all sorts of things, including creams containing lanolin, and I often think my insides are probably as sensitive as my skin. So I think I'll try the lichen-derived D3 and see if it helps.

Me too, I've read good reports so lets see if the blood work responds. The dropper on this Natures aid can provide 2,500/5000iu.....I'll go with the latter and see what/if difference it makes.

It's Natures Aid 2,500iu D3 Liquid. It's plant based and supposedly more absorbent.

Hmm... interestin' Lichen.

just messaged my vegan daughter if that was her sort/let her know - but I think she said it was from blue/green algae. There's also a fungi-based D2 one - not so effective 'tho - Sunshine! sadly no longer effective in northern hemisphere :(

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