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Help please

I have been successfully self medication for nearly two years now. I have not told my GP as my initial enquiries about swapping to NDT were very badly received by the practice. I was told I would be deregistered at the practice.

I have to go for a blood test for an unrelated matter and my GP said we will run a Thyroid screen as well thinking I am still on T4 alone. .

I want the blood test, but I am worried about his reaction to my thyroid results. I do not want to get struck off if the GPS realise I have swapped to NDT against their advice.

I was thinking about not taking my NDT the day before the test. I am in a bit of a panic

Advice please


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Advise GP you have a private prescription and another Dr deals with this and monitors your bloods so it's unnecessary . Are you still being prescribed Thyroxine by your GP?


I don't know how they can deregister you,when people who take illegal drugs get medical care, no problem. In a way what difference does it make? What can they do? Reduce your prescription? Well you're not taking Levothyroxine anyway.


Don't panic in the slightest. ..let them run the test...what can they do?..reduce your meds what you don't take anyway?..and keep cracking on doing what you are doing because it's obviously working for you!;)

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What does he test? If it's just the TSH, it will be low and he will want to reduce your levo. So what! You don't take it, anyway. If he tests FT4, he probably won't even look at it, but it could be anywhere in range, same as it would be on levo. He won't know any different. I very much doubt he's going to test your FT3, which is more than likely where the real difference will lie. But, as they don't understand the FT3, what difference does it make? Leave 24 hours between your last dose and the blood draw, if you wish, but I doubt he'll suspect anything. Although, to be honest, why would you want it? If there's not FT3 result, it's not going to be any use to you, either. You could just do what Helena277 advised. :)

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You might like to read the following which is published by the BMA. It sets out the procedure for deregistering patients.


I have in the past worked in both the NHS and in General Practice. With regard to the latter, it is sometimes very difficult to change the mindset of a GP who is unwavering in their opinion of a specific condition etc. Sometimes, it is better to see another partner in the Practice if possible.

With regard to your present situation, you could have the test and say nothing until the result is through. You would be surprised just how many patients are non-compliant with medications.

Hope this helps.


I do not think they can tell from the test what medication you are on. I am on Nature Throid and do my own private tests for my own info and alongside do the infrequent GP test and have never had a comment.

The visiting blood collecting Nurse has offered to fill my private container from the same sample!!



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