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New results uploaded - can someone interpret/advise please?

New results uploaded - can someone interpret/advise please?

Evening all - just had results back from medicheck. Can someone interpret/advise please? I'm currently on 150 mcg thyroxine. My antibodies have dropped since fen 17 from over 700 to under 250 which is encouraging. Not sure what to do now as I'm now over medicated and have high rt3 and low t3/rt3 ratio. Any help appreciated!!

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Do you know what your levels of vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 are?

If they are too low they stop your thyroid hormones being used

If they are low do you supplement any of these? If so how much and gave they been retested


B12 199.2 25.20-165; vit d 74.9 50-200; folate 9.68 2.91-50; ferritin 286 30-400


Hello slow dragon - did you see my updated reply....thanks Chris


Well your vitamins seem pretty good

Unusual ranges - not Medichecks or Blue Horizon

B12 199 (20.20 -165) This range is very odd???

Not unusual to have high B12 with Hashimoto's. You posted about burning feet a while back. May be due to low B5 (peripheral neuropathy) if still getting that you might try a good vitamin B complex

Vitamin D - is OK but nearer 100 may be better

If you have been supplementing vitamin D, this can increase need for vitamin B5 and cause peripheral neuropathy to start a few weeks/months after

See this link


Folate - could be higher - vitamin B complex would improve that too

Ferritin is fine

Did you change brand recently to Teva? If so...Did you stick on it or change back

You don't seem need to add T3 - conversion looks good. Except you have high reverse T3 (from too much T4)

What you may need to do possibly, is reduce Levo a bit, may be 125 alternate days and see how you go

Retest in 2 months and consider adding T3 then or earlier if need be

Are you gluten free? Do you take selenium?

Supplement Vitamin C?


Thank you thank you! What do you think about my antibody levels as they've come down significantly in less than 6 months - I went gluten free, then told by consultant no need to but then went back to gluten free again - I think this is making a difference...is my new level a good sign would you say? Thanks Chris


Personally I think gluten free is essential

Pity I took the medics word over 20 years ago that negative blood test for coeliac was reliable and absolute

Didn't have this wonderful support network and ever increasing info on importance of diet back then

See more on my profile. My endo is now fully supportive of 100% strictly gluten free diet too

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