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High Anti thyroglobuline Ab,low T4

hi everybody,

since my baby was about 2 months old I have gradually gained about 3 pounds a month in weight. Now she's 11 months old and on top of that lately I've had really low moods, heavier periods, super dry skin, fatigue all the time. I ordered a thyroid function test through medichecks and my TSH was 1.50, however what was out of range was the free T4 at 10.9 (12-22) and the Anti thyroglobuline antibodies 200.000 (0-115). I had to push GP to refer me to an endo who I'm seeing in December though!! Anything I can do in the meantime? What are your opinions on these results? We have hypo/Hashimoto's in females in my family.

many thanks!!

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Were your TPO antibodies also high? What about FT3?

Did you also test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

If so what were they


TPO Ab were fine as well as T3 and the vitamins. I've always had low ferritine all my life, I take an iron tablet for that. Thanks


Sorry but SlowDragon will need more info 😊When Docs say fine - they mean in range. It is where you are in the range that is the key to wellness.

Your Thyroid is obviously struggling to produce T4 which in turn could mean a low T3.

Having followed this forum for six years I have not read about many positive outcomes from seeing an Endo. They usually know more about diabetes ! Have you checked out the Endo ? Is he/she thyroid friendly ? Am afraid they are all held back from making you well by guidelines they have to follow.

You may improve by being gluten free to heal the gut and reduce anti-bodies.

Reading here as much as possible will prepare you for your appointment. Information is power. The link below takes you to the main website of this forum where you can find lots of information .....


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As your thyroid ant -iglobulin abs are too high may be this is an indicator of another type of autommune disease to be diagnosed by your endocrine specialist. You say your vitamins are ok -

may be B12, but sometimes people are not aware they have B6 deficiency which can lead to fatigue and infection. People with coeliac disease are more prone to this deficiency as people with

low ferritin. In these sufferers iron deficiency may be linked to coeliac tests.

You might also have a gluten intolerance which can be tested.

Tannins in tea and coffee red wine and beer, may affect your iron levels. nutrition resource org

gives information on foods which may affect you with tannin. Since cutting out tea red wine beer

feel better. The stuff blackens cups and mugs - just think what it is doing to your intestines.


thanks everybody! TPO ab are 19.7 (0-24). The medichecks doctor indicated it could be Hashimoto, don't you agree with this? How do I find out if the endo is thyroid friendly? Thanks again!


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