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night sweat/showers in bed

I am at the moment taking half a grain more of westhroid because my t4 was athe border and seems some symptoms have never resumed I decided to go up. I don't remember when it happens to me before, if I was also raising the dose, but I had the same problem before. I basically wake up in the early morning and I am totally soaked as if I had just come out of the shower in my pyjamas and got into bed in my sleep. The bed is also soaked and I feel very cold - I have no other bed and i am absolutely exhausted. I don't know what more measures to take but Im convinced is because of me not because any other external factors. Have any of you experienced soth like this before?? What can I do about it? Is it maybe normal because my body is adjusting to a higher dose. I don't seem to have hyper symptoms.

I also have fibro, could it be becuase of sth else like this rather than the thyroid? It's the thyroid that regulated body temperature. My body temperature has been for almost two years now about 37.5 whick is a bit high - there's nothing I can do about it and I just got used to it, this si supposed to be the fibromialgia but the thruth is who knows? Any suggestions??? I have a very bad gastritis and took antibiotics to kill the H. Pylori, Im just scared it could be sth more serious since my tummy's still so painful.

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Hi I have the night sweats every night and have done for a couple of years at least.

I dont know what the answer is. I've tried sheets & blankets, fans, windows solution I can impart.

Isn't having hashimotos like having a broken thermostat? Thats what I put it down to.

I just have to wash the bedding every day, as if I'm in a hotel!

Could the gastritis be linked to coeliac disease?



I was checked and gave negative. I gave positive to H.Pylori, which seems to be the main cause of gastritis. I still don't get on with wheat and some other types of gluten. Spelt, rye, sorghum etc much better for me. I think it's a food sensitivity or you can call it like that. My blood type is A and we simply don't get on with wheat. Check Eatwell4your type by Dr.dadamo.


Hi , Lots of causes of night sweats. it is usually hormonal, ie diabetes, thyroid, reproductive organs. You do need to find which , by blood tests.. make sure you have had a Glucose,TSH, T4 and especially Free T3 tested. Also Oestrogen. and Vit D ( hormonal) If these are all Ok, then it can sometimes be more serious heart or cancer, but I stress this is unusual. At the last resort, if nothing turns up you do need to be sure what it is., do see a really god doc eg an endo , in the first instance. it must be someone good, of your choice not the GP`s Make sure you are keeping your fluid level up, lots of water etc.

I hope that gives you some ideas, it is almost certainly hormonal, I get it fro thyroid and my diabetes but also from my heart ( which is rotten).



Hi Smily, Not sure of the mechanics of it, but I know t3 (in your Westhroid) can make you very sweaty. A friend was prescribed it and couldn't get on with it because of the sweating.

It's horrible to wake in the night with wet clothes clinging to you. Strangely, because I'm always cold, I think I wrap myself tightly in bedclothes and this makes it worse. It isn't like hot flushes where you can't cool down. It doesn't wake me because I'm hot; I wake freezing cold and soaking wet.

For the time being, could you lay out a towel under you and put out a fresh set of nightclothes and a fresh towel so you can do a quick change if you wake up? At least to minimise the faffing around when you wake up soaked? And maybe speak to whomever is prescribing your Westhroid?


Thanks to all of you for your help. Yeah, it seems it's my thyroid and my fibro both. It's a very common symptom for both, very unfortunately.


Hi Smiley :) I just googled your complaint; 'Why do I have night sweats when I have Hashimoto's?' and found this: She had the same problem as you and found going on a Paleo diet helped. es to luck :)


Thanks for the help Soldieress, but this lady was surely O blood type and meat is an crucial for her well being, when you are A blood type meat makes you rather sick and worse. I am always had the same problems back again when I started eating meat thinking that I would be ok.Check this web site for more understanding of what i am talking about because it theoretically supports my own findings: I would recommend you buy the book, it all much better explained. There is a new book out that gets into this even in more detail, here is all about it:


Hi, I'm 'o' positive. Didn't eat red meat for 25 years or fish for the first 10 years of that. But after reading about blood group and food, then a Chinese acupuncturist also recommending that I eat meat because my muscles were weak I started eating meat again. But don't seem to feel better or worse from that. Thanks for the links ;)


Didn't you put on weight without eating meat? We are all different, I don't know a types meat eaters who feel as bad as me on a read meat diet either.


I think I put on a bit of weight when I became vegetarian because I ate more cheddar cheese and vege pies, unfortunately I ate quite a lot of soya alternatives to meat too. But I also lost the weight while I was still vegetarian (although eating fish by then). I'm slightly hypo and have Hashimoto's and weigh 53 kg. Was 59 kg 5 years ago but had a fairly big fibroid then which I had removed 22.1.13 Hooray. I have antibodies for pernicious anemia, low ferritin, slightly high folate, bottom half of the range B12. Sorry, didn't know why I told you all that. My brain processor has never been that good and I think it's getting worse! ;) xx PS Hope the night sweats improve


You must be the first O blood type who doesn't eat meat and hasn't got weight problems. I'm 1.68m and 54kg is supposed to be my minimum weight. You are either smaller or underweight because I'm quite small and not sure but around 55kg -not so nicely shaped though due to my Ibs. O types tend to need the protein of the red meat at least up to 4/5 times week to maintain a good weight and good energy levels. Specially if you are a bit hypo it's rare. I am hypo but honestly don't understand the difference between being hypo and having Hashimoto's, I though all hypo and even hyper were hashimoto's unless having iodine deficiency. Sorry but it's all so complicated! I also developed fibromyalgia because of a whiplash so I guess I put all the blame on this, my thyroid is supposed to be fine and it seems very common to have these night sweets with fibro because "our thermometer is as broken". They were ok until the weather's started to change, they are not so bad yet, hopefully they won't get too bad, last winter was a nightmare and it seems there's nothing I can do about it.


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