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Self medicating T3

After reading through this wonderful site, I have realised I am not going insane and have unfortunately, after all these years of thinking my doctor is fabulous, got a G.P who does not understand thyroid dysfunction. I havevread a lot about self medicationg with T3, and am starting to think I should give this a try. I know my doctor wont pescribe it because he thinks all my problems are down to being overweight. So I am not sure how to go about it..

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Have just posted on your previous thread :-) I think people advised you to find out your results of the TSH FT4 FT3 - so people can see what is going on. If the FT3 has not been tested then it is important to see where it is in the range before self-medicating. There are lots of things you can do first - improving vitamins and minerals for example - that may help the T4 to convert more efficiently. Yes lots of people have started to self medicate - but not everyone has the perfect result. So important to have everything else top notch before embarking..... B12 - Ferritin - folate - VitD - Iron - for starters.

Anti-bodies ? - have they been tested ? People with Hashimotos do seem to struggle more with the converting of T4 into T3. Me included ! I am not against taking T3 - I take it myself. Am just conveying what I have learnt and read from others.

Hope you soon find some answers :-)


Someone who has advice will send you a Private Message. To send a private you have to click on the person's name or picture and it takes you into a private page where no-one can access. The message is between you and the person (s) if there is more than one name.


Good advice from Marz.


Please don't even consider doing that without making sure that you have a full set of blood tests, as Marz said. TSH, FT4, FT3, iron, ferritin, folate, B12, Vit D, thyroid antibodies.

If you can afford private, PM me and I'll send you some doctor contact details.

Have you had the saliva cortisol test done to check your adrenal function?

You might find NDT better, but you'd need advice from members who have taken it on how to change from T4 to NDT and how to titrate up your dose to the correct level. I don't think you can just change to an equivalent dose.


Thanks rosetrees I am at my wits end trying to hold down a full time job whilst being constantly exhausted. I may be able to afford private depending on prices. Annoying really as I now have private medical care through work but it was a pre existing condition.


2 days agojacquikent

Thanks all! I feel like I am going insane.... I asked the Receptionist for a print out but... "we cant do that..." Think I do need to look at changing my doctor, I felt like my weight was all my fault when I came away. I will call in again tomorrow and insist on a print out of my levels. I am on 100mg of Levo per day which my /doctor says is "working well for me" Pffftt it is not!!

Called surgery today they can only give me print outs of my most recent test and for a £10 charge. Receptionist confirmed that my last test only tested the tsh levels which were 3.89 they didn't test t3 or t4 as it was a " review of medication" and that they only test fully if I am symptomatic! What was I then? Cured? This whole thing is exhausting. Trying to get appointments around working full time and then being fobbed off constantly. Finding it hard to cope. (Posted on wrong tnread)


Jacquikent, you are undermedicated with TSH 3.8. Most people will be comfortable when TSH is just above or just below 1.0. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments about TSH to Pulse Magazine

Email for a copy of the article if you wish to show it to your GP.

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