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Feeling low, considering self-medicating with T3

Hi All,

I got a letter today from an endo stating he has reviewed "my case" and has cancelled my appointment. This was the first time i've been referred to an endo and was looking forward to speaking with someone who knows more than my GP about hormones etc and finally get to the bottom of my issues. VERY disappointed. I wonder what my "case" presents, other than some blood tests the GP ordered in the middle of the day and non-fasting at that? My GP always cuts me off at the first few symptoms I provide and looks for a cause - anything other than thyroid related. Why can't he understand that other than being able to stay awake for longer, my list of symptoms have never gone away? I've started a strict paleo diet to see if that helps (was previously gluten free and that has brought my antibodies down) and am now considering self medicating with T3. What do you guys think about this choice? Am I jumping the gun? I feel so low, I struggle to remember anything anymore, everything hurts, i'm always tired, i'm spotty, my hair is falling out, etc etc everything just feels so hard. I just want to get back to being the organised, efficient and positive person that I used to be. Sorry for the long moan. I know i'll pick myself up again, it just feels like it's taking longer than usual to dust myself down and get on with life again in recent months.

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"Case". *shakes head*.

Fire some results up and we'll try to help.


Thank you Shaws for the range of options. I hadn't considered NDT, although I don't know why. Thanks also Cinnamon_girl, my results are as below:

Thyroid autoantibody 470 [<100] ---This is down from >1000 in Mar 2015 but GP not interested in result. Gluten free diet now.

Serum folate 11.2 [3-18]

Serum ferritin 25 [15-350] ---Been supplementing for some time.

B12 1000 [200 - 960] ---In Nov 2015 it was 309 and I read on this forum that <350 means deficiency for some time, but GP not interested so supplemented

TSH 1.05 [0.3 - 5.0]

Serum Magnesium 0.86 [0.7 - 1.0] ---I supplement this

As usual, no T3 measured - never has been.

T4 was 9.0 [12 - 22] in March 2015 when last measured. TSH was 16.89 at the time.

I also supplement with Selenium daily.


craftyang - thanks. It would be so helpful if you're able to get your FT3 tested as it's the active hormone. Link:


Ferritin could be higher, what are you supplementing with? FT4 low.

Agree with shaws in that NDT would be a good choice plus it's cheaper and easier to purchase than T3. Get that FT3 test done first though.


Thank you Cinnamon_girl. I have ordered the T3 test - much easier and cheaper than the site I had been considering earlier today. I've also ordered a T4 to get a more up to date reading.

I supplement with Spatone liquid iron 20 ml sachets (to minimise unpleasant side effects). Do you think a change is in order?


That will definitely be helpful and do start a new thread when you have the results.

Spatone doesn't contain that much iron and there are others that are gentle but more effective. I take a Blue Bonnet pill together with vitamin C powder dissolved in fresh orange juice, doesn't upset my stomach.

There are others, use the search box in the top right hand corner.


Thank you. It is on my to-do list for today to fund something more suitable.


It's no surprise that most have to turn to self-medicating. Instead of T3 I wonder if NDT may be a better choice as it is the very original replacement and contains all of the hormones our own healthy gland would have produced. T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin (which is beneficial for bones although in a small amount).

I am not sure of the cost of NDT at present as it's a long time since I bought any but maybe someone will send you a message with details as none can be posted on the forum.

So you have a choice of adding some T3 to your T4. Taking NDT or T3 only. :)

Cinnamon Girl has made a good suggestion re posting results.

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