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250,000 sign online petition over formula change

Hi I have been struggling for four weeks since my perscription changed. Headline news in France is a complaint has been filed against new formula thyroxine by the medical association. I had four perfect weeks but changed to the 'new formula' and all the symptoms have returned. What is the best type who decides which type is prescribed are we stuck with which type the pharmacist gives you?

It is our lives not their profits, our lives are being ruined by unsuitable medication.

HELP needed please.

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In the UK the pharmacist often decides which make to dispense but patients can ask to be regularly supplied with specific makes. I advise members to ask for their prescription form to be returned and take it elsewhere if their regular pharmacist can't be bothered to guarantee the make they want.

I've no idea whether things are different in France. Ask your pharmacist whether there is an alternative to Levothyrox.


My sympathies, some formulations of levothyroxine have made me very ill. I hope you get a solution quickly. I wouldn't want anyone to suffer like many of us did.

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I think there is only one type of levothyroxine available in France which is made by Merck Sante, but I could be wrong.


Is Levothyroxine Biogaran no longer available?


It would appear not!

They wanted to warn us that there will be a temporary and progressive interruption of the supply of generic levothyroxine (Biogaran), beginning in August, first on two strengths, then on the others (ending to dispose of the stocks, which will probably take until 2017 - pending the return of this drug in 2018.

Reason: the laboratory is in the process of preparing a new AMM, as they make their generic PLUS closer to Levothyrox (Merck). At present, the tolerance for the change in bioavailability from one to the other is between 90 and 110% ... with the new formula, it will be between 95 and 105%, so both will be almost "interchangeable".

forum-thyroide.net/phpBB/ft... (via Google Translate).


New formula Merckx has been banned in France and is being replaced ASAP.


Hi yes you are correct but it has just been banned and they are returning to the old formula after the online petition, the central medical bureau have accepted it has had detrimental affects on health.


Hi, Interesting, thanks. I knew there had been much controversy but didn't really understand the problem. I have been taking the Merck thyroxine all summer in place of the Teva version I take in the UK and have actually been fine on both so I guess I've just been lucky.


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