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Thyroflex hypo /bloodwork hyper?

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I went in for the test today. I've been reducing to 100 T3 and nails have started peeling horribly. I mean peeling so badly, half way up). My test yielded the following. Very hypo (150 or below is acceptable. 50 is ideal). I react, perhaps, half an hour after the bolt....! I'm exaggerating. But I am slooooww It's like the knee jerk test but on your wrist. Anyway, I'm worse than last year.

So I am increasing again. Back to 125.

We are testing my T3 but am already certain it'll come back high.

So confused. How can T3 be high and this test which is considered super accurate show that I'm so hypo?

Oh and apparently this test indicates my iodine is low (the red prefire is low... indicating low iodine)

Anyone with experience with this test?

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There can be doubts about this test and this is a previous post:

I think listening to our body is the best way to judge if we are on sufficient/insufficient thyroid hormones.

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In previous post your vitamin D was far too low. Are you still supplementing and have you retested since

What about B12, folate and ferritin.

All these need to be at good levels for T3 or T4 to work

I am supplementing vit D and this is being tested. B12 is 1800 (always incredibly high though I avoid all B supplements) and folate and ferritin were average.

Once I get my free t3 and D levels I will post here. I tend to agree that if t3 is too high that should mean something.

I don't know how I feel... just bad. Hypo, but breathless. And I don't feel BETTER with more, just weirder. Never hyper, but the tinnitus gets worse. I feel foggy.

My T4 is nonexistent (low) as one could expect on t3, so no amount of vitamin supplementation can help it do any job... ugh.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Nutripea1220

Tinnitus is linked to low B12.

You can have functional low B12, even when test shows it's high

See especially reply by healer69

You might want to consider an active B12 test (Medichecks and Blue Horizon do them) You'll struggle to get tested on NHS

If that comes back negative then you could try taking a vitamin B complex

I only ask as I too always had high B12.....until I added vitamin B complex. (More on my profile)

All the B's apparently have to work together, so if one is missing it can possibly upset how they work.

I would look at the freeT3 results yourself and evaluate how hyper they are. If you've gone up every other avenue, it may just be that you need above range freeT3. Some tiny proportion of the population always will be, so it's worth pushing it a few points over to see what happens. Althought most important thing is to confirm doctors aren't calling it Hyper, while you're still within range.

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