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Hyper/Hypo swings, and Attacks Pattern?


- I learnt that with hashimoto, people get hypo/hyper swings. My TSH was normal for the past period of time, I only had antibodies. But now my TSH is so so low (less than 0.015) which means I'm in a hyper round, so to speak.

The question is how long does a round continue? Is it something that changes daily? So today my test says I'm hyper, next week it can show hypo? or is it something that takes a long period, months for instance?

Do you suggest any articles to know about the prognosis of this?

- How do I know what stage I am? I mean how much is destroyed and how much is left of my thyroid? Is doing an ultrasound can give me a guess?

- Does the antibody army attack all the time, all days. Or does it wage attacks in rounds? How do I know that an attack is happening now? If I get some tingling in my front neck, is that an indication? I'm curious and want to be aware what those little nasties are doing.

Thanks. :)

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Do you take thyroid hormone replacement, i.e. levo?


No. My hormones were good in my last test 8 months ago, so my endo said he will not put me on any medication. He wants to wait and see.


If you are in the UK you could email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft, who was (maybe still is) the Queen's Physician when in Scotland. He was also the President of the British Thyroid Association. In it you will see the comment he's made if someone has antibodies present.

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I'm not in the UK, but I have just emailed him.



It does sound as if you are having a hyper swing, yes. But you really want your FT4 and FT3 tested to find out.

There's absolutely no way of knowing how long it's going to last. There is no fixed period - could be a couple of days, could be a few years.

Sorry, can't suggest any articles.

An ultrasound would tell you how much gland you have left, yes.

The 'antibody army' attacks when it senses thyroid activity, usually. Which is why it's recommended to keep your TSH suppressed. But I have no idea how you would know an attack is taking place. I've never felt anything specific, just a waxing and waning of symptoms.


Thanks greygoose.

I'll have them tested soon.

Cool! I'm gland to know that an ultrasound can tell me that status of my gland.

Thanks again.


You're welcome. :)


With me I feel like I'm coming down with a sore throat that never manifests as an infection. ..I feel this is when my thyroid is being attacked.....this probably happens to me every couple of weeks or so....also gluten mimics thyroid tissue and eating it promotes an attack .

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I have post nasal backdrip, so my throat is inflamed most of the time. But I'll try to notice that from now on.

I usually get a feeing of tingling or tension in the base of my neck,

I've cut on gluten, but I'm worried about cross-reactivity too. I was thinking of going grain-free, but was too difficult.

Thanks Lozzer66.

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