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Need a rant!!!! Excuse the expletives

For f**** sake!!!!!

I've just had a letter from the Royal to tell me my appointment with BREAST SURGERY has been cancelled as it's not appropriate!!!

No sh*t Sherlock it's my thyroid that's knackered not my boobs(although they could do with a lift admittedly)

Bloody choose and book have only booked me an URGENT appointment with the wrong bloody department. I'm waiting for a call from the hospital to see if they can sort it but in the meantime back to the GP tomorrow for the 7th time in 3 weeks, definitely a restraining order coming my way 😳

I feel dreadful and can't begin to tell you how angry I am right now

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Sorry Emma, I know it's terrible but your post had me in stitches!!! Seriously, I do hope you get it sorted soon and they really should lift the barriers to get you to your appointment as it's their mix-up not yours.


I wouldn't mind so much if my cousin wasn't a leading breast surgeon so even if I needed boob job I wouldn't be going near the Liverpool Royal! (He wouldn't mess with my mother even with letters after his name)

However as I may have mentioned before my GP is rather nice so there's always a silver lining 😍 but leaving it more than 24 hours between visits looks far less suspicious


Well, I'll know where to go for a boob job when gravity completely takes its toll! You'll have to have your lame excuses ready for your GP visit lol.


Thankfully I never went before all this happened so he knows it's not me and he's said as much. There's something to be said for a GP that doesn't think he's gods gift.

And yes I can do recommendations but you'll be behind me in the queue where gravity is concerned x


My brother inlaw went to see a consultant about his liver only to be told by the consultant that he was a kidney specialist and didn't treat the liver. Perhaps there is a hypo brain fade epidemic in the nhs.


Ha,ha πŸ˜‚


Funnily enough I work for the nhs so you might have something there πŸ€”


Well Emma if you work for the NHS are you really too surprised at the mix up in letters???

I worked for the NHS for almost 30 years before I retired and nothing would surprise me, although it isn't helping you when you are meant to have an urgent appointment for your thyroid condition. I hope you feel a little better after your rant. I made me smile too.

Hopefully with the support of your sympathetic GP things will move quickly and can only get better for you now. Count your blessings to have a supportive GP, they are few in number!

Sending (((hugs))) to you right now. xx


Thank you, no I'm not surprised and I am eternally grateful for my GP who I am off to see yet again this morning 😳


Good luck then for your doctor's appointment this morning Emma. x


A friend temped for the NHS (massively over-qualified for the role, but it was just to tide her over) and she told us how she couldn't get her head round how under-trained and confused many veteran office staff were with their new I.T.. (Not in Liverpool.)


If you mean the Liverpool Royal I can give you a bit of information. The "Consultant Endocrinologist" to whom I was referred by my GP/CCG turned out to be a thyroid AND breast surgeon. Neither speciality was any good to me as I don't have any of them. It could easily be the same person you're talking about, a very nice lady indeed. A certain Ms W******.

Hope this info gives you the answer to any confusion you are encountering.


I do mean the Liverpool royal yes and it wasn't that particular lady who the appointment with. However after umpteen phone call today it appears my file has turned up on the desk of the person you mentioned and is being reviewed.

I'm waiting for a call back from the secretary who I spoke to today hopefully with a new appointment. I'm not holding my breath though!


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