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Anyone here a patient of Dr. Hertoghe's clinic in Brussels?

I am wondering because I'd like to know if they still prescribe Erfa Thyroid?

Ten years ago, they prescribed Armour. After it was reformulated, they started prescribing Erfa instead.

I am seeing a doctor trained by H but in private practice. This doctor prescribed Armour until a couple of years ago when it tripled in price. Only then did this doc start prescribing Erfa.

Now Erfa is reported to have changed as well. Even if the company has not officially admitted to any reformulation, I imagine there are enough unhappy patients by now for doctors to start reacting. I know H himself and other doctors working with him take NDT.

I therefore wonder if the doctors in H's practice in Brussels have started prescribing another brand of NDT, such as NP or WP Thyroid? Since H is regularly organising conferences for doctors working according to his protocol, I imagine it would only be a matter of time before other doctors started prescribing this drug as well...

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Anna69.

Why don't you contact the Hertoghe Clinic and ask which brands of NDT they prescribe?


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