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NDT dosing? Super sensitive, Hashi but gluten free, low vits


Posted my blood results earlier this week.

I am underdosed on my small dose. I also need to improve my ferritin, folate and vit d.

I have just increased my ndt by 1/4 grain last week. If i need to increase my dose is it okay to do do immediately by 1/4 grains weekly rather than every 2 weeks? Feeling quite hypo right now but not desperate.

I have to get my vits right and am working on that as well.

Thank you


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It's okay to try raising by 1/4 grain per week instead of 1/2 grain at two week intervals.

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I was told that at two grains to only raise by quarters though I would hold at 10 days if you can At 2 grains though I had already missed my sweet spot at 1.75!

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