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Does LEVOTHYROXIN cause defects in baby!

Hi sorry didn't explain

My daughter was diagnosed when 5weeks pregnant with thyroid trouble under active

She had several blood test beforehand all coming back normal we were told!

Assoon as she became pregnant things changed fast !

They put her on LEVOTHYROXIN 25 mg upping the dose till she was taking 100 mg

Her son was born 2 1/2 weeks early we were all expecting a big baby as told by scan experts after 12 scans !

This was incorrect he was born 5 pounds 10 oz

Also he was born with missing little finger altogether no bones!

Also has ulner shortened

tortillas of the neck and scroliotis of the spine

Hypotension of the right venatical of the heart (bottom part )also extra arteries & blood flow into his lungs causing wet lung & stenosis of the arteries coming Back from the lungs to the heart & he's the most amazing loving baby I've ever see!

Now I think this could all of been caused because of the lack of blood flow down his right side and may also be due to the


IN HER BODY & also in Her unborn baby !!

Anyone else experience these symptoms?!

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Hi Suerivers, welcome to the forum. But sorry to find you here under such sad conditions. I'm really sorry to hear about your grandson. It must be most distressing for the whole family.

I'm wondering why you asked this question. Did someone tell you that your grandson's condition was due to low carnitine? It's rather a vague subject, and I don't think many people know much about it. But, I don't think that levo does lower it.

Does your daughter have low carnitine? I've never heard of it being tested for. Who tested it? Is your daughter a vegetarian? That could account for low carnitine. But, even if it was low, from what I've read, it's not recommended to take it when you are hypo, because it is thought to block thyroid hormones from getting into the cells.

I'm afraid I don't know any more about it other than that.

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I think Suerivers is asking wheher levo is the cause not being hypo. Although I suspect it is more likely the latter ..


So sorry for the reasons you are having to ask. The only thing I can say is that we hear stories of repeated miscarriage mums going full term when properly medicated and that some hospital units have dedicated staff to keep an eye on hypo mums and the unborn child but in your situation the dose was started at the early days of pregnancy rather than an ongoing condition but I would assume that was done under careful supervision. I suppose I'm saying nothing shouts out at me as not sounding 'quite right'. Have the hospital offered any counselling or advice for future pregnancies? If not I feel you should ask if that is possible.

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Hi yes they have taken many many bloods both mum& dad & baby too

For further babies

Why 12 scans!

All info about size of baby were wrong !

Thank you for your reply x


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