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Another Hashimotos Flare up.

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I haven't had one of these for awhile! I missed my dosage, and of coarse that and a few other things gave me a flare up. So since it's been awhile I want to share the symptoms I get when I do have a flare up, which I almost forgot how these were. Since I haven't had on this bad for a year! Anyways here are my symptoms:

1.Scalloped tongue- it's usually scalloped very little, but today it's sore and a lot bigger and scalloped. I actually feel like I have a fat tongue.

2. Sides of my mouth start cracking and getting tender.

3. I get headaches.

4. I feel extremely tired, and my brain starts to fog.

5. My throat starts feeling tight, and one of my lymph nodes feel enlarged. I notice it by the pressure it has, and it actually feels a sore to the touch. It's right under my chin.

6.Dry mouth. Same as my allergies dont help.

7. Stuffy nose. -gets worse with having allergies as well.

8. I get pretty itchy. Hives or not.

9. Low blood sugar.

10. Heart palpitations.

If any of you wanna share your symptoms as you get these flare ups please comment! I would love to know! And maybe let me know what triggers yours? (:

6 Replies
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Sorry you're having a flare up. Officially I don't know if I have Graves' or a temporary thyroiditis, the endocrinologists have not decided but opinion on here is Hashimoto's thyroiditis which I am highly inclined to agree with. I am currently unmedicated because the endocrinologist wants me to sit about as an untainted blood sample container in case it's only temporary.

My present symptoms are a flu-like feeling, breathlessness on exertion, muscle weakness, muscle tics, aching glands in my armpits, thinning hair, hoarseness and a feeling like low blood sugar, although I don't know if I actually have low blood sugar or not. Oh and anxiety, which is unsurprising really.

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Brieabailey in reply to Rocca

You sound like you have less symptoms then I did at your stage. (: Have you tried changing your diet and doing an elimination diet? It might make you feel better if you haven't already. It does sound a bit like hashimotos. Let me know what your test results come back as!!

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A Hashi's flare is when the dying cells, after an attack, dump all their hormone into the blood, temporarily raising hormone levels and sending you 'hyper'. Your symptoms sound more like hypo. And it is rather doubtful that missing a dose would cause an immune attack on your thyroid gland.

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I agree with Greygoose. This sounds like it's built up over time. I would get your bloods done and post for comments, don't forget the ranges. You look very undermedicated.

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Brieabailey in reply to silverfox7

I'm not under medicated they upped my dosage about from 75 mcg levo to 100 mcg. And it is true that whenever I miss a dosage my body reacts this way. It's just the way my body does it. I mean I probably ate something that made my scalloped tongue worse as well, and I already know I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, which my fare ups are different than others. And I'm also 1 week away from being half way done with my pregnancy, so my bodies extra sensitive. I agree I do need my blood drawn again to get my levels checked, because I feel like I'm missing something. But whenever I do take my levo it relieves the symptoms right away. I dont think that it's me being under medicated, I believe the underlying cause to what caused my hasimotos, and the symptoms need to be found, and dealt with.

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Hi I have Hashimotos and when I get a flare up it is horrid. I am on 150 levothyroxine, gluten and dairy free and when I think I am getting to grips with my illness it flares up. I break out in hives, sweat badly, palpitations, mind racing, emotions up and down, constantly urinating. It exhausts me. Lasts 3/4 days and then I am back to being half asleep. I did paint my kitchen ceiling though. Lol. Xxx

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