Today's appointment with MP about NHS consultation & T3

Well, I wasn't really sure what to expect this morning. In advance I had sent my MP the letter I pick up from here which I had added my own personal experience to (great great letter - I don't know who wrote it but I learned a lot myself by reading it!)

What a great lady MP. She thanked me for bring the NHS consultation and T3 issue to her. She said its the sort of thing that she is very interested in and she'd had success in the past with another drug that was essential to some but scarce. She said that there is one thing that the NHS don't like - and that's to be overcharged and that she will definitely have a conversation with Jeremy about it. She was shocked to see the price differences across other countries. She is going to take this further and she promised to keep me informed on how it goes. She also said that if I personally had any issues with sourcing my own T3 she invited me to be in contact with her again.

I am pleased to have waved the flag for the NeedT3 team ! And I will surely update you all when I hear more.

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Brilliant ;) It's good to know that some MPs are on our side!!! Have a great weekend hobbycat x

Well done, and I hope this leads to something positive.

Personally I have a healthy cycnicism where politicians are concerned, 50 odd years of voting has confirmed that most of them are liars.

Q: How do you know when politicians are lying?

A; Their lips are moving

Thanks for letting us know. Such welcoming news!

I contacted my new-ish MP and he's written to the CCG and NHS England over the threat to T3. (He's already better than his predecessor :) ) Fingers crossed we'll safeguard the medication some of us rely on.

Great news ;)

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