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Results including free T3

Hi thyroid results are

TSH 0.03 (0.2 - 4.2)

Free T4 21.8 (12 - 22)

Free T3 4.5 (3.1 - 6.8)

Gotten free T3 result from practice. GP says I am over medicated so had dose reduced from 150mcg to 100mcg levothyroxine?

Diagnosed 4 years ago


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Ellenw As mentioned in your other thread, no way are you overmedicated with a FT3 result that low in range. Your GP has panicked unnecessarily at your below range TSH.

TSH is a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone. The pituitary looks to see if you have enough thyroid hormone. If it senses there's not enough it sends a signal to the Thyroid to produce some - that signal is TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. If you are low in hormone the TSH will be high. When we take replacement hormone, the pituitary detects there is enough there so doesn't bother sending out the signal, hence TSH will be low. Pretty basic stuff which one would hope our doctors understood.

T3 is the active hormone that every cell in our bodies need. Reducing your Levo from 150 to 100mcg will increase your TSH, which is what your GP wants, but will lower your FT4 and your FT3 will probably end up at the bottom of the range, you will have very little T3 for your cells, and you will probably feel pretty rough.

Rather than reduce your Levo, you could actually do with the addition of some T3 to bring your FT3 up nearer to the top of the range.


Thanks I bought some T3 about 2 months ago as endo had stopped it is it ok to add back in?


Why did your endo stop your T3?


He said he didn't support it


Was it this endo who originally prescribed it?

Did it help you? It doesn't matter if he doesn't support it, it's how you feel that matters, and if it helped you then you need it. But what he actually meant was "The price is extortionate and we've been told not to prescribe it".


No it was my previous endo and it helped me but not straight away. I saw the endo I see now hoping to get prescribed more based on how I felt on it but he still refused saying he only supports levothyroxine treatment.


Well, if you know you did better with the addition of T3, then you have to decide whether you want to reintroduce it. You obviously wont get it back on prescription with this endo. Can you see the original endo again?

If not you might want to self source T3 and self medicate.


The original endo said she was going on maternity leave in September last year and she hasn't said when she's coming back. I'm wondering if the receptionist at her clinic might be able to help?


You could ring and ask. Also, if that endo isn't coming back, ask if there is one who will continue with the T3 that your original endo prescribed because your current one has stopped it and you feel very unwell (pile it on, if you have a need for it then it should not be taken away).

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Ok I can try.

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If we have a clinical need for T3, it's not up to the Endo to decide but how you feel with the addition.

I think many doctors are over-riding the instruction from the BTA and made up their own minds that T4 is preferential over T3.



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