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How soon add more T3?

Do you have to wait 2 weeks?

Started T3 almost 3 weeks ago. First added 6.25 and then a week after 6.25 to my 112.5 Levo. First I felt really good with lots of energy but after a week after each increase started too feel hypo again. Is it ok to increase further? How soon will you notice if it's too much?

Latest results on 112.5 mcg levo before adding t3

Tsh 0.05

Ft4 19.4 (12-22)

Ft3 4.9 (3.1-6.8)

Desperate to feel good again...

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You are rushing it. I would have a thyroid test six weeks after you increased to 12.5mcg T3 before increasing further. FT3 should remain within range.


Ok, Thank you for the advice. Is it normal to feel better first and then worse again? Or is it a sign of adrenal issues?

Now I take 6.25 in the morning and another around 2pm do you think it could help postponing the second dose?



I'm not sure why you would feel worse. I would try dosing 6.25mcg in the morning and at bedtime.


Ok, Thanks


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