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I have been taking levo for ten years. Recently my doctor has gradually increased the dose from 25mcg to 125mcg, my blood tests come back normal and it makes no difference to my symptoms, in fact I am now at the stage where I am virtually bed ridden. I have asked my GP for T3 and she just laughed and said that she was not allowed to prescribe it. She will not even test me. She does however feel I may have ME (although the symptoms are the same as hypothyroidism) but ME consultants will not treat me as I have Borderline Personality disorder and Arthritis which also have similar symptoms. I am at a loss, my life is passing by and I can do nothing to help myself. My memory is failing, I can no longer concentrate and I'm in constant pain even though I have a morphine patch.

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  • Hi and welcome. Before anyone can advise we would really need to see your thyroid test results. If you don't have these ask your gp's receptionist for a copy, you are entitled to these by law. Then post any you have from TSH, ft4, ft3, folate, ferritin, vit d, vit b12, TpoAb and TgAb. Please include ranges, results should look something like TSH 3.4 (0.4-4.2).


  • Please please obtain copies of all your test results with ranges so you can post here for guidance. You are legally entitled to them.

    That is certainly one thing you can do to help yourself and then you will feel you are beginning to take control. Docs often say *normal* when they mean *in range* - but it is where your results are in the range that is so important.

  • Thank you, at the moment my brain is so foggy and every part of my body is aching but once I can get to the surgery (three weeks for an appointment) I will ask for back dated test results and have more done on this higher dose of levo.

  • I believe in the UK you can see your test results on-line. Have you registered ? I live in Crete and we have to keep all scans and test results. At least I can keep an eye and make sure nothing is missed 😊

    Yes I do understand how difficult it is when you are in pain - that is why suggestions have been made. Low B12 & VitD can be the cause of pain. Also inflammation in the gut can be the cause of pain. Have you considered going gluten free.

    I am not a Medic - you can click onto my name above and take a couple of minutes to read my journey to wellness - and I am still learning 😊

  • You can ask for them by phone & authorise someone to pick them up for you.

  • If you do not have electronic access try ringing your surgery, they should be able to give you at least the latest results over the phone, mine does. Some may require you to go to the surgery but the receptionist can give you them, no need to wait for your next doctors appt. If receptionist tries to fob you off with 'dr would be in contact if any issues' or 'normal' point out you are legally entitled to them and want the full results with ranges.

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