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Itchy and Scratchy

Hi I'm hoping someone can help with this. I have had my levels all within range on levothyroxine 150 mg daily. I suppliment B12 B complex, D, A, C as well as fish oil, Alcatel, my-Isotin.

I started taking 5mcg daily Liothyronine a few months back to try and stop hypo symtoms.


in the last few weeks I have itchy wrists and also itchy 'you know where'!!

Is this a possible side effect of liothyronine?

Any help appreciated.

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Take an antistamine an hour before you take Liothyronine to see whether itching resolves.

I would have thought that if it was Liothyronine causing the itching it would have started within a few days of taking Liothyronine. You could stop taking the Liothyronine for a few days to see whether itching resolves. Liothyronine should be out of your system 3.5 days after your last dose.

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