What is this tablet?

I have spent much time over the years trying to identify the medicines people are taking. Each time, I have had to search all over the place for the information. Each time, I forget it all.

So I have created a document to help. At this stage I am restricting it to levothyroxine and liothyronine only.

What I need is help in filling the blanks! And adding products. If you know anything for sure, please let me know either on the thread or by private message. Ideally, with a link to a document.


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And VERY important - let me know of the mistakes! (There are bound to be some.)

Excellent idea Helvella! :-)

Not a single fragment of information has been received.

Does no-one have any of the medicines with blanks?

I tried to open this and it so isn't display on my phone. It said 'invalid pdf'. This may be because my phone isn't well set up for pdfs, but perhaps others are giving up. I've opened some of the similar reference documents linked in your profile just fine. I think they may have been on Drive rather than Dropbox?

It works fine on my phone! I did test that.

Have just updated it - and checked again on my phone. Works fine.

Have always used DropBox for sharing documents - so that at least has not changed.

If people are having an issue, please let me know.

What an amazing piece of work, thank you for the time you have put into this. Sorry I can't help fill in the blanks.

Can't open it as don't have Dropbox app.

You should not need a DropBox app - the link should work for anyone.

If you are having difficulty, please let me know what you are using and what happens when you try the link.

I have made extensive updates to the document - adding in several products from around the world.

More information needed - if you can help?

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