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Swollen thyroid? Graves disease diagnosed 7/17

Hi all. I'm in USA but found this group. I'm on 5 mg methimazole once a day. T3 and T4 came within normal ranges within three weeks on being on meds. TSH not normal as of last month, but having more blood work soon.

In the last week, I feel a new symptom--it feels like someone is almost choking me. I feel SO SICK. Also, weird minty, burning type taste in my mouth and on my face and feet. Maybe from the meds?? Anyway, I am seeing doc tomorrow for ultrasound and she'll order more blood work. But what if anything can be done for enlarged thyroid? And why might it be swelling NOW when it wasn't when I was diagnosed.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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If 5mg isn't enough and your thyroid levels have risen that can cause swelling. Conversely, if 5mg is too much and TSH has risen the stimulation can cause thyroid to swell.


Thank you! Had blood drawn today so we'll see 😊


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