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What else can I take

Hi . Diagnosed hypothyroid about 20 years ago and on 125mg for the last 12years. Just still don't feel right and going through another round of checks.

Getting menopausal type symptoms (aged 45) so won't check me.

Been on citalopram about a year - any experiences of this making things better/worse?

Also what supplements could I try. Heard B12 might help.

Any advice before I heard back to the gp.


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Alipc There's no point in taking any supplements unless you know what your levels are. Ask for the following to be checked and we can make suggestions where there are low levels or deficiencies

Vit D




Citalopram can affect absorption of Levo, take it as far away as possible. However, it's very likely that you were prescribed that and it may not have been necessary. If you were still experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism, then depression can be one of them.

If you post your latest test results, with their reference ranges, then members can comment. It's quite likely that you're not optimally medicated.




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