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6 weeks in and getting new blood work

Hey guys,

I was diagnosed with Hypo roughly 6 weeks ago, and I'm heading back to the GP's tomorrow for a check up and to get some more blood tests. However, could someone please explain what extra blood tests I need to get apart from TSH and T4?

My TSH was extremely high when I was first diagnosed and I felt like utterly dreadful. However, i've been on 50mcg, just recently gone up to 100mcg, and I've really started to come round. Fatigue is decreasing, my weight has regulated, and my appetite has returned. So assuming this is due to my metabolism kicking back into gear again. I've had the odd levo side effect such as nausea and anxiety at first but no way near as bad at first.

Anyway I just want to check everything to paint a full picture, so any advice on what to say to my GP tomorrow would be amazing.



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Could you get your doctor to check for thyroid antibodies? TPO and TgAb.

Also many of us suffer from vitamin deficiencies due to the fact our stomach acid is low when hypo and absorption suffers.

Ask for vit D, folate, ferritin and B12. Many people with thyroid conditions suffer from vit D deficiency but your doctor may not be aware of the connection.


To add to Nanaedake's response - make sure you ask for copies of the results including the reference ranges. You'd be amazed how often a doctor will tell you that they will test X or Y or Z, but when you see the results you discover that the doctor a) didn't order the tests they said they did or b) the lab didn't do the tests that were ordered.

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Perfect thank you very much. I'll try and get the lot and publish the results with reference ranges asap.


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