What's the secret to getting through an entire work week?

Mondays I've got so much energy. Tuesday I've still got energy. Wednesday I'm starting to flake. Thursday I start forgetting the simplest of tasks. Friday I'm surprised I've even made it to work.

Work don't understand and so my workload is still huge and they tried to accomodate shorter hours but didn't take any work off me so I had more to do in a shorter day.

I've been awake for 2 hours and have only just managed to get dressed and I'm sitting here thinking that I really should be moving to drive the 28 miles to work but the thought of is it exhausting.

Does it get easier? Are there any tips to get myself moving?

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Are you hypothyroid? Have you checked your adrenals?

I'm hyper with graves disease. Never had my adrenals checked but my next endo is 8th July so I want to ask her to check them

Are you on meds for the hyper?

Carbimazole and propranolol

Have you got an occupational health department? Your work should be making adjustments for your illness (not that mine did!) Cutting the hours but not the workload is adding pressure, not taking it away. I'd be getting occy health and/or a union involved just to make it easier on yourself - your employers have a duty of care. I have the same problem as you although since moving roles within the same organisation in February, I am feeling a bit better.

It's hard here to get them to understand what changes need to be made but I'm also quite stubborn and think I can still do more than my body will allow so I'm probably at fault too. Just really fed up with feeling so rough

Snap - the longer the week goes on the worse I am at getting out of bed and getting my brain to function, in fact by Thursday/Friday I am almost dragging myself through the day and then of a weekend I'm cleaning the house - bloody marvellous life I have!!!!!

Moggie x

i work nights which messes up the body any way and the underactive thyroid Is a killer at 4am! I find that making sure u eat regulary will help and don't let those around put ya down. no-one seems to understand how you feel except fellow sufferers. try to look at your workload and be honest with workmates when you need help and why you may find you get support from someone you woundnt have thought would help all the best


Thanks. Usually I'm so busy i forget to eat so I might have to try putting food reminders in my diary. I'm trying to delegate more of my workload to my team who are really helping but then my manager seems to give me more! Vicious circle

Thank you for your post. I thought it was just me that struggled to get through each week. After all with a hyperactive thyroid aren't we supposed to have lots of energy? I too am being treated with carbimazole and propanalol x

Lol I too thought I'd have too much energy being hyper but it doesn't live up to its name does it x

You need to involve occ health and they need to make reasonable adjustments. I don't know what you do, but you could try 1 day a week from home? If not can you afford to apply for flexi working and knock the Weds on the head?? Thse are 2 things I was able to do and they massively helped. But occ health is the right way to go :) so contact your HR rep and ask them to refer you :)

Work have said I can't work from home and if I drop a day I'll lose wages which I can't afford to lose right now. Feel a bit stuck to be honest

I am in the same position. It's pants isn't it? X

Then you need to involve occ health. They have a duty of care...

Hi Leighma81

I went part-time and now watch my health like a woman possessed!

Going part-time is not possible for everyone, but it has given me back my ability to cope with work and to achieve a work/life balance.

Wishing you well.


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