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How long to wait before increasing levothyroxine dose?


I was wondering for those of you who have experienced hair loss associated with hypothyroidism or being undermedicated for hypothyroidism, how long did it take for the hair loss to stop after starting medication/increasing dose? I was increased from 88mcg to 100mcg about a month ago. I am feeling marginally better but my hair is still falling out and I still can't lose weight in spite of intense training and dieting. I am also completely wiped out for the rest of the day after working out. I'm not sure I even know what normal feels like since I suspect I have been either undiagnosed or undermedicated my entire adult life. I had a hemithyroidectomy after what turned out to be a follicular adenoma in 2003 and was diagnosed as hypo in 2009. I really don't want to wait another six months for another appointment and can't really afford to pay a specialist every time I need to change my dose. It always feels like an uphill battle to up the dose since my TSH has always been "in range" in spite of being very symptomatic. I live in the US. I was thinking about ordering my own labs and trying to self medicate. Are there safe/legal sources to self-medicate with T3 in the US as well? I was thinking about another increase but wasn't sure how long one should wait for results from the prior increase. Thank you.

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For many of us we don't feel well until our free t4 is at the top and free t3 at least ¾ way of the lab range. Also B12 above 500, vitamin D 50-80, ferritin and folate at higher end of ranges.

Many increase their dose ever 6 weeks.

For me, my hair grew back when I got my B12 up from 239 to 800 and even. Ow if I stop taking it I would lose hair.


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