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Mercury Pharma V Actavis??

I've been on 50mcg Mercury P for 3 years and just received Actavis.

Anyone experienced this situation? I've only known Mercury and have been reasonably ok-still get head rush when stand up/palps occasionally and pick up every bug going. hard to know if it's the meds or the hypothyroidism!

The Actavis doesn't contain acacia dietary fiber but other ingredients seem the same.

Any opinions greatly appreciated before I start taking them, many thanks.

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Personally I have found I need to take same brand (Mercury Pharma).

I always double check before leaving tha pharmacy - even though they have it on my notes they often give me any old mix. Last month there were 3 different brands in the same bag! When I explain that it needs to be same brand every time, they are always happy to change it.

Some people find they prefer other brands - we are all different. 


In theory it shouldn't make a difference but you will see from other posts on this site that the brand matters for some people. I had been on 100 mcg Actavis for six months and was getting morning diarrhoea. I had had this previously when my GP increased my dose to 100 mcg from 75 but thought at the time it was because he had increased too quickly. However I decided it might be the Actavis causing it so have requested Mercury Pharma. I've now been on this for 2 weeks and feel the diarrhoea situation has improved.  You may find that the brand you are given makes no difference to you but should be aware that it can.


Hi,I had been on Actavis & then a mix of that & Mercury pharma & eventually only Mercury pharma they made me feel quite unwell & am now on only Actavis,funnily enough I lost some weight on the Mercury pharma tablets !my pharmacy has a note of it & still gets it wrong X



I prefer Actavis as Mercury Pharma made palpitations very much worse and my pharmacist knows I will not accept MP.

If Actavis doesn't suit tell your pharmacist and ask him/her to make a note that you want Mercury Pharma.  Most will order in your preference but if not ask for your prescription back and take it elsewhere.  It's a good idea to check which brand you have at the counter as most pharmacies won't exchange once you've left the premises.

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Thanks for that, I use an online company so will ring them to sort out. Just taken my first actavis this morning so We'll see how it goes. 


I feel hypo on Activis so I prefer Mercury . Teva made me ill


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