Now on t3/t4

Hi,I am on t3/t4 now,after trying all sorts of combinations,t4 only,t3 only and NDT only.So on 62.5 thyroxine and 20 of t3 a day.Ifeel hot and odd,so tired and heavy.Was on t3 only 40 MCG a day raising to 45 at most.I feel I am taking less now but feel rotten still do not know if I am taking too much or not enough as symptoms seem all the same as hyper and hypo.

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62.5 Levothyroxine and 20mcg T3 is equivalent to 40mcg T3. Perhaps you could try another 5mcg T3 to see whether there is any improvement?

I thought the ratio was 4:1 amount of levothyroxine to T3 equivalent. Unless mistaken you're suggesting 3:1 ?


Yes, I use 3:1

Manufacturers of NDT seem to use 4.22 to 1.

interesting . . .glad you pointed me to the link. It means, unless I'm mistaken that 1/2 a grain + 20mcg T3 is about 90mcg T4.

Please let me know if you think my maths wrong.


none of the maths make any difference, we will not get better by numbers. I for instance do not convert T4 so no point having the T4 ratio for me as it just makes me ill. 60mcg T3 seems to be average amount t3 only but i would sleep all day on that. I am on 75mcg daily plus extra 25mcg on busy days or weekend if going out. Getting too obsessed with numbers is what drs and tsh tests do, we should be dosed on how we feel and symptoms. Some people like me are resistant to thyroid meds, i dont have a thyroid, i also know thyroid buddies on 150-200 mcg t3 it a very individual trial and error xx

It concerns me that folk seem to be always on multiples of what I take. For instance I was taking 100mcg levo . . .then 1 grain NDT. Everyone on NDT on this forum appears to be on 2 -3 times as much NDT and I've never ever seen anyone taking 1grain. I do have a Thyroid for what it's worth

My last bloods on 1 grain were THS 1.86, FT4 8.8, FT3 4.0

i keep kicking myself and say doesnt matter what the tests say (except T3) as it is to get us symptom free, we get too tied up with numbers. Your T3 still has room to increase as does your t4 but how do you feel, if you are ok on what you take, then it is right for you. If like me you are on high dose and i still get some pain in joints, feet and run out of energy, then its worth looking at other factors but you are on low dose. Tbh t3 test can be manipulated depending how close you take it to test, some people feel better when t3 slightly over range, mine is around 5 when last dose 12 hours earlier x

Thanks Clutter.

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