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Tsh Level

Hi everyone. Three months ago my TSH level was 4.9. I've had another test two weeks ago which was taken late afternoon and my TSH level is 3.83 and my T4 is 11.0. I know these are in normal range but I feel so ill all of the time. The doctor won't prescribe any medication or test for antibodies or my T3. I'm contemplating changing surgeries now. Am I being over the top. I just want to feel human again and don't know what to do.

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LMor To get the highest possible TSH when looking for a diagnosis (or an increase in thyroid meds or to avoid a reduction), blood tests should be done at the very earliest appointment of the morning after an overnight fast (water allowed), and when on Levo you leave it off for 24 hours.

TSH is highest early morning and lowers during the day, it also lowers after eating. So if you had your blood drawn in the afternoon, and probably after lunch, then your TSH would be an awful lot lower than if you'd had it done early morning and fasting.

You could, of course, do a private thyroid test which covers TSH, FT4, FT3, both thyroid antibodies, and vitamins and minerals as well if you want them done (always advised). Both Blue Horizon and Medichecks do them as a fingerprick test or a venous blood draw if you can arrange that.




you should have gone for your test as early as possible in the morning. If you wish, you could go down the private bloods route and then with T3 and vitamins/minerals also being tested, you'd have a clearer idea. Your TSH does look high and would likely have been higher had you taken the test fasting ( you can drink plain water) first thing in the morning.

Have a look through 'Topics' either on the right hand side on a laptop or at the very bottom of the screen on a phone.

There is a wealth of info there about those unable to get diagnosed. Also look through thyroiduk.org.uk/index.html


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Have you tried all the doctors in your surgery? Is there thyroid disease in your family? Late afternoon is no good for thyroid tests, it needs to be first thing in the morning and fasting.

Could you have a discussion with your doctor along the lines of, 'if I haven't got thyroid disease then I want a full blood panel to find out what's wrong with me including ruling out autoimmune conditions'. I'm sure it would be cheaper to simply test your thyroid antibodies?


Thank you everyone. I just feel like I'm going mad. Doctors should know to do the test early in the morning etc.....even when my tsh was 4.9 it was done late morning and after eating. I will look into doing a finger prick test. Are they reliable and are they expensive? My Aunt has thyroid disease so it is in the family.


If you'd done the test at early in the morning, and fasting, you probably would have been over-range. But, doctors don't know about that - you'd be amazed at the number of things doctors don't know! For example, they don't know that you are hypo when your TSH hits 3 - they like it to go much higher than that.

Finger prick tests are reliable - details on the Thyroid UK main page. The problem is, doctors will not always accept private tests - although for no good reason - probably just puts their nose out of joint!

But, don't give up. Keep insisting on getting tested. But, next time, have your test early in the morning, and fasting. :)



Blue horizon and medichecks tests £79-£99 check for special offers. Medichecks does different special offers on thursdays


I also had my hormones tested to see if I was menopausal. I don't understand the results but was stated "supplementary Result" Now I had no period for nine weeks and then bled three different occasions in three weeks. One lasted 24hrs, one for three days and one heavy bleed for five days. I know this can be a symptom of thyroid


Ok. £59 for a full thyroid test. Tsh, T4, T3, Antibodies etc. I've ordered it and when it comes I will do the test first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for everyone's advice


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