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Tsh level

Hi all, very new to this however I have been suffering with the symptoms of hypothyroid for a long time now being tired a lot of the time and cronic constipstion, anyway I have had 3 blood tests with the local gp as I want to get this sorted as its starting to really bug me I get "your test results are normal" however today when speak to the nurse I asked for my last tsh level.

I have a tsh level of 2.5 and I'm a 24 year old male. Is this normal or is it worth investigating further into this?

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You need to ask your gp for a print out of your blood test, which you are legally entitled to. You may be charged depending on your surgery. When you have these put them up on here and someone will help you interpret them.

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Hi polly, was on my way down there when you replied. The only thyroid test run by my doctor was as below

Serium tsh level 2.50 mIU/L (0.35-4.94)

Along with the comment

Euthyroid or adequate replacement. Rarely, patients with pituitary/hypothalamic hypothyroidism can have a normal tsh.

The only other tests run where a "calcium" level test and a "full blood count"

Can anyone shed some light?


Ahhh, OK.....someonemwillmtrymto help but without t4 and t3 test its hard, hopefully someone can guide you on where to go next to get a diagnosis, maybe if you can pay for a private blood test through blue horizon if possible.


As Polly says you can buy private tests.

You're not on Thyroxine? - the lab wouldn't know I suppose.

May I ask what makes you look to Thyroid for fatigue, is it in the family?

Do you feel cold all the time?

sorry about the questions!


A TSH of 2.5 isn't particularly high but it doesn't have to be to feel awful, it's the FT4 which will indicate if you have a thyroid problem also FT3, Antibodies TPOab and TGAb - however labs won't test if TSH is normal (TSH is a pituitary test btw).

Ranges do vary - so best to get your actual numbers for folk to help.

The GP should investigate & eliminate other causes of fatigue, possible culprits -

a recent illness? If & what pills are you are on already. Stomach issues - nutrient deficiencies, you can check your diet yourself - eliminate low iron, ferritin, folate & B12 and D3 - all go hand in hand with Thyroid issues (also high iron should be investigated).

Good luck, I hope you find some answers J :D

oh - & magnesium for constipation


Hi all unfortunately no t3 or t4 results as I can only assume my doctor wouldn't test for them, to answer a couple of question I currently don't take any medication apart for antihistamines for hayfever. Reason I think I may be this is due to lack of energy/labido (not a good thing to admit) constapation since childhood, history of lupus in the family but no diagnosed hypothyroidism and also a recent goitre on one side of my neck.

I think as you guys have said a private test may be the thing to do as my Current doctor has been less than helpful with anything I have asked him.


To be fair GPs often ask for tests e.g. FT4, FT3 and the lab routinely doesn't do them, cost cutting - but sometimes (with insistence) they are done.

Did he not send you for a scan of the goitre?

You could change GPs - in my experience the first couple of visits nothing much happens - you have to insist, even make a nuisance of yourself. Autoimmune diseases tend to run in families.


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