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3.30am drama

I'm not feeling that good at the moment posted my results last time round and in the midst of a tussle with GP because my cholesterol is raised at 6.9 and I refused statins. After telling me I was a candidate for heart attack or stroke she took my blood pressure 180/100 so that made it a whole lot worse. I have refused medication for now which she isn't happy about but she met me for the first time and within the allocated 10mins was suggesting fairly powerful drugs with no consideration of other issues. I have asked for a copy of the blood tests but she said everything else v good mmmmm. I had got tests because I felt like I was stuck in a gear struggling to to get through the day very low and down and the palpitations that seem like you are trying to get going if that makes sense.That was a week ago I decided on the strength of the private test I had done days before to increase t3 by 6.25 daily from 12.5 + 100 mcg thyroxine. I've felt worse not better then last night at 3am I was nearly at the hospital woke up sweating and pulse racing at 112 + palpitations. I took magnesium and after 15 minutes it slowed and returned to normal. What could be wrong with me? My free T3 seems firmly stuck at 4.1 whatever combination of meds I take don't know now whether to stop taking it or not.p

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Definitely get your vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 checked.

Have you changed to gluten free diet as you have Hashimoto's

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If you feel worse, not better, on 18.75mcg T3 then you should revert to 12.5mcg. You can try again after a couple of weeks if you wish perhaps dividing into 3 x 6.25mcg doses.

FT3 4.2 on your last post isn't unduly low. Not everyone does well with FT3 high in range.

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woke up sweating and pulse racing at 112 + palpitations

These symptoms sound like the kind of thing that happened to me when I was a) low in iron and b) high in cortisol. I've read that very similar symptoms can occur when cortisol is low too.

I was also on a dose of T3 that felt far too low for me - I still had lots of hypo symptoms. Reducing my high cortisol allowed me to double my dose of T3 without lots of symptoms suggesting that I was overdosing.

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It's done it again - last night exactly the same I had felt better during the daytime. I have been under a lot of stress recently (husband prostate cancer, work awful) and now I am thinking some kind of thyroid crash

- I haven't had antibodies tested but my ferritin and Vit D low. I had thought my exhaustion and palpitations were thyroid but maybe conversion issues? Whatever that took me to GP and BP was high and now these early morning surges are a concern 😟


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