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What Test Results to Ask for?

Hi all,

Seeing my GP tomorrow to ask for a full blood test, but want to check with you all that I am asking for the full info so I can start to take a bit more control as they've always been very vague.

I am on 50mcg Levo at the mo but am not feeling great and have lost about 40% of my hair which is upsetting.

I'm 33 and was diagnosed a year ago.

Is it T3 that I need to check along with TSH levels? I'm in the UK.

All advice welcome.


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Ideally you will have TSH, FT4 and FT3 levels checked and thyroid peroxidase antibodies if they haven't previously been checked. It's unlikely FT3 will be tested in primary care unless TSH is <0.1.


You dose is extremely low. Usually just a starting dose. The aim is that your TSH is 1 or lower with FT3 and FT4 towards the upper part of the range. If GP wont (he/she usually does TSH and T4 only) you can get the Frees privately from one of our private labs. I'll give a link just in case. One, Medichecks has a special offer of some sort every Thursday, the other Blue Horizon is also popular with members. They are home pin-prick tests.




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