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Wilsons Theory Thyroid and Fybro

Help! I am reading a lot around Wilsons Temperature Syndrome and thinking its me to a tee... so I have kept readings of my temperature every hour and morning 34.1

to best all day 35.3.. for a week now I have only hit 35.6 once.

I had a serious RTA in 2008 and ever since I am red hot all the time ..I NEVER were a jumper or a coat and live in shorts and vests at the minute even when raining.

I have all the symptoms of Fybro but my GP keeps fobbing me off because bloods are not showing thyroid problems which is my thoughts .. have a sore throat and my neck feels thick..I developed asthma symptoms aged 46 and constantly sweating I am beginning to feel a freak and gave my job up because it was too much with all this going on and anxiety etc.

Anyone managed to get a GP interested in Wilsons theory and give T3 as I am also big and putting weight on despite being active and no change in diet etc :-(

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Welcome to the forum, Peaches71.

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome is not medically recognised. Low temperature can be a symptoms of hypothyroidism which is diagnosed by blood tests. Fibromyalgia can be a symptom of untreated hypothyroidism but it is also an illness in it's own right. Fibromyalgia is usually diagnosed by a rheumatologist.

If you've had thyroid levels tested please post the results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results). Did you suffer a head injury in the RTA?


Thank you ...I'm hoping to try get some answers as it's really affecting my life ... I was treated for bruising on the brain swelling then post concussion syndrome ( I had what felt like crawling ants on my scalp for about 6 months..

other then that I had nerve damage in my right shoulder (NHS missed it so only had operation in 2013 after going private) that was severe burning pain ..it has settled post op more or less.. I have loads of pain spots like burning pain, I've tried walking a lot and have feet like walking on hot coals ( plantar fasciitis 😕)

Weight problems despite a fairly healthy diet and I did go to the gym for a year 2 hrs a day but lost no weight at all so I gave up.. I suffer pain which moves around and I still suffer what I call payback ( fatigue/ cramps etc)

I thought about ending my life it's been so unbearable... I've worked hard on the mental health and I'm pretty strong at the minute fighting hard..

Feeling very hot to the point I have air con on all the time but my skin feels cool to touch but I'm boiling up inside, it's weird ..I started checking my temperature and it is as low as 34 some days ..

I have a diagnosis or chronic pain syndrome plus anxiety but I think it's fibromyalgia or Wilsons syndrome.. I describe it like my temp gauge is broken .. it's embarrassing aswell as uncomfortable .. sorry to go on just want to try get help so I can be firmer with my gp.

I'm on morphine slow release,(targinact) amytriptyline,mirtazapine paracetamol and ibruprofen ..I was on Gabapentin but I stopped it myself it was making me worse

I've had bloods which my GP saying only showed vitamin D deficiency - the reason why Wilsons theory makes me think -it doesn't show in thyroid tests but I have all the symptoms



What were your thyroid results and ranges? Testing TSH only will rule out primary hypothyroidism but not central hypothyroidism which can occur after a head injury.


Hi I will ask my GP

Tomorrow he never told me / I've had a border line test and then a normal in range he said



Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your thyroid results and ranges. If only TSH was tested remind your GP of your head injury and ask him to retest including FT4 to exclude central hypothyroidism.


Thank you for the advice I will do this tomorrow


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