Hii all again, doctor prescribed me propranolol 2 nights ago when first diagonosed with being hyperthyroid and i have been getting loads of great advice from people on this forum. My meds are still on the table unwrapped and im so scared to death of taking them as i dont want to become hooked or suffer nasty effects. He has prescribed 10mg at 4 times a day. Please help.

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  • Unlikely you will get "hooked" on then as you will only be on them until symptoms calm down, if you are worried about side effects you could try a very small dose to start with and see how it goes, if all is ok then increase to the prescribed dose.

    I have taken Beta Bs many times and not had any problems, I was about 13 years old when I first had propanolol !

  • I am going to start with a low dose for today maybe just take half a tablet then increase to a whole tablet.

  • Propropanol is to help reduce the palpitations. That's all. Why would you be fearful of a tablet which would assist this to happen. Severe palps are frightening when we don't know why we're having them.

    The fact the you are hyper-thyroid means you are producing too much thyroid hormones at present, so your body is in overdrive.

  • I just panicked becausebive nevervhad to take a ything as serious as this little tabletoh no its pathetic but ive heard so much about these tablets if you are considered asthmatic.thankyou

  • Are you asthmatic? I can understand us panicking if we've had reactions before to medications (I have) and I know it takes a while to get used to taking something that may/might make you feel worse.

    I have to take a very small dose but it does prevent palps coming out of the blue, so I am glad of that. I take it at bedtime.

  • Docs said no one doc maybe. I was prescribed inhalers but i think my breathlessnessvis due the thyroid.

  • You are most probably correct. Breathlessness is a clinical symptoms and I will give you a link which says the T3 may be the answer to your problem. I doubt any doctor or Endocrinologist know any clinical symptoms, particularly serious ones which they will prescribe another type of medication instead of a thyroid hormone one.

    This is from the scientist/doctor who was an Adviser to TUK before his untimely death.

    Give your doctor a copy,together with the highlighted part. I hope he prescribes T3 although the 'powers that be' disagree with those of us who need/survive upon it.

    You may have to source your own T3, in order to see if it relieves your awful symptoms.

  • Thankyou soo much i did not know anything like that. I am getting a copy of my results and ranges, theyvsaid i could have them by thurs. why on earth would they not prescribe t3, also do you mean give a copy to my gp or to the endoc when i get a appointment through.

  • Rmichelle T3 is for underactive thyroid so not something you need.

  • I missed that you were hyperactive, as I am hypo and was also given propropanol.

    However, breathlessness is a clinical symptom of both hypo and hyper.

  • I have just taken my first dose of propranolol. Hooray. I just grabbed it and swallowed with loads of water. I have read the article very informative. Should it take effect in the next half hour.

  • Shaws Rmichelle has been diagnosed Hyperactive so T3 is not appropriate !

  • Thanks for that important info. I did miss it earlier.

  • Its ok shaws, i was just reading the article you had sent and then i realised im hyper. Breathless is one of the symptons for me though but i guess it would not apply then?

  • Thankyou bamtam 10 i was just reading the article shaws had sent it it was very useful and i was just in the process of replying back with im hyper. Lol

  • You knowI've been wondering if thats whats causing my breathlessness.

  • Being breathlesss is also a sympton of hypo and hyper, its horrible im totally out of whack, im off work so far of only 3 days but will not being going back until im sort of feeling much wishes, do you work nights? Ha just noticed time of emails.

  • I was very breathless when I was hyper but it wasn't like my asthma, it was more a sort of feeling really 'puffed out ' whenever I did anything even slightly energetic.

    If I've stopped using my brown (preventative) inhaler I know when I need to get back to using it again because my chest feels quite different.

  • Thats good advice i kerp telling the docs a couple of months ago it was not in my chestbits coming from my my throat area but they still went ahead and gave me a ct scan on my chest and fobbed me off with prenisolone twice!! I am picking my carbimazole up this pm and will post my results through. Doc prescribed 20mgs till i see endoc.

  • Hello there again i have put a new post on regarding blood results. Help!!☺

  • Omg i am the same way. The littlest things even eating makes me out ofbreath

  • No i work days but im always up late. I hope you start feeling better soon. This tbyroid problem is horrible

  • I hope i get it sorted its rubbish,i startvmy meds this morning and got endoc app on 10th october

  • Yes i was told being breathless is part of it, i have it sitting down or when moving around, eating and some days are better than others.its horrible. I would say that is the worst part fir me.

  • I think it is wise to be cautious

  • It made my palpitations worse

  • Thankyou dee, ive had such a busy day trying to sort this out. Ive now wtote a new post after doc has finally prescribed carbimazole

  • How'd it work for you

  • Hello there, Doc yestetday told me to stop taking it as i thought it affected my breathing, but last night tried it again with just half a 10mg tablet at bedtime and i was ok.woke this morning with palps and feeling hot so did take another half, but when i go to pick up my carbimazole this pm i will sort of trail them off a little ,

  • I don't see why you would get hooked. They are not addictive. Some people just take one or two every now and then for performance anxiety and they don't get hooked on them. You should tail them off once you don't need them any more so that you give your body a slow adjustment but your doc can advise. If you do get any side effects then just go back to your doc and tell them as there are other kinds of Betablockers you could try. As suggested by Bantam, try a low dose, even cut a tablet in half and see if you feel better. If you do, that will encourage you. Some people take 160mg for heart problems. I expect you've got quite a low dose?

  • Hello thankyou nanaedake doc prescribed low dose of 10mg 4 times daily, just concerned of effects and also docs treated me for asthma but that has not been confirmed, did mention it to doc he said thats why he prescribed a low dose. I think i will cut it in half first.

  • Good plan. 10mg is a tiny dose.

  • I know i sound pathetic, im such a wuss. so after my dinner i will go for it, i eating for england and still loosing weight.

  • Well, tell us how it goes.

  • Will do.

  • Hooray just swallowed it, going to start of slowly. Just waiting for the effects to happen.☺

  • 👍

  • How's it going now?

  • Ok just felt a little spaced out and tired. But dont know whether you have read my new post ive wrote about work?

  • No, I haven't, I'll search for it.

  • Feeling very sick and spaced out.

  • How're you doing now?

  • You are not a wuss. Its better to be safe. Trust me im the same way

  • Hi swtjamie when was you diagnosed? As you know this is all new to me and if it wasnt for the very knowledgeable people on hete where would i be, cos docs dont really advice and give you the time to ask questions.

  • Im sorry im just seeing this. I was diagnosed in March but you are so correct the GP dont answer tell you anything. Atleast mine dont. Ive learned so much in this group in few weeks than i have in mths going to DRs

  • Hiya swtjamie, how are you? I am not aking propranolol now, i have been on carbimazole for 5 days now 20mgs. But have been admitted to hospital on 2 occassions with breathing issues, on last occassion doctor has said i now have whooping cough. I have been showing symptons for a few weeks now. So on strong antiviotics. Also docs done antibody bloods for whooling cough and they have taken my thyroid bloods again and also antibodies for graves and hashi.i have been on phone to doc today and i think he is full of self importance and i am asking for someone different. I just want to get better.

  • Hello ive put my blood results on a new post. Help☺

  • I was taking three Propanolol at 40 mg a day for my Graves and i have copd and i was ok with them. I had to take them as i had very bad palpations and very breathless.

  • Gemma thankyou. I am taking a small dose now to see how i go, i also very breathless with palps and highpulse and slightly elevated blood pressure, i am on a bad day today as breathlessnes not great today i find it worse when i feel anxious and hyper. I also get a really tight feeling in my throat and cant swallow probably. I cant wait to see endoc.x

  • Just taken it im going to startbof slowly.

  • Hi Rmichelle

    Sorry you've been feeling horrid. I too was frightened to death of these tablets having been diagnosed with heart palps & anxiety a few weeks ago. I did not want to take them, & reluctantly took 1 a day for the first couple of days. Then still feeling nervous I went out with friends (my friends are good ones who are supportive) & I found out they were taking them for headaches/migraine! This put me completely at ease and I took them & they made the world of difference as I got the sleep I needed & the palps soon died away.

    Hope this helps x

  • Thankyou rennixon yes i knew i needed to take them ad i am hyper. So i just grabbed the packet and just done it. Ive never had to take anything really, just feel a little spaced out out the moment and a little tired.but ok. Im gonna have a cuppa now and chill.

  • Glad you did, they made my head swim a little so on advice from GP I took 1 at night(as I wasn't sleeping) and then 1/2 in the afternoon. Rest & chill x

  • Yes i know what you mean i feel like somewhat starry eyed.x

  • I feel so sick and spaced out. I took half in afternoon and one ladt night and i feel horrid

  • Try taking it with food.

  • how are the palpitations? You could try taking them with food to see if that's any better. If you feel that bad then ring your GP & ask for advise. it could be you only need a small dose.

  • I have had to take them each time my hashis flares and found I had no side effects and no problem stopping them.

  • Thankyou mauds i feel like im abit tipsy.

  • Go slowly like you said your body will get use to them

  • If you do try them take it slow. They really didn't agree with me.

  • I was put on propapanol also for my heart rate i have hypothyroidism but the cardio dr gave me it. Ive not taken it. Ive hadit since April and afraid to take. The only reason i feel ok taking my other meds is bc the hosp started me on them. Sorry im not much help

  • I have taken Propranolol for nearly 3 years since I was diagnosed. 10mg is a small dose, I was given 10mg 3 p/day but now only take twice a day.

    It may take a week or so to get used to them but as a reassurance they are actually quite safe even to use long term.

    For me, they were far better than the horrible palpitations and shakes. I would give them some time, I wouldn't have expected 10mg to make you feel too spaced out, but probably just need to let yourself adjust.

  • Hi chloececilla the spaced out feeling has gone and feeling sicky thought it was causing more breathing problems, but decided to give another go incase it was me panicking, so i have take just half a 10mg last night and this morning as i woke with slight palps and very hot.picking my meds carbimazole later this pm.

  • Rmichelle, when I am to take a new medicine I always panic, sometimes I even 'give' myself some side effects!

    The Carbimazole should kick in in a couple of weeks and you will start to feel better. It works quickly. Remember to get regular blood tests (just incase the GP isn't on the ball with monitoring you).

    Feel better soon. I think I might be headed that way again and starting to remember what it all felt like x

  • Hi, I had thyrotoxicosis just after having my son many years ago now. I was prescribed carbimazole and propranolol as a matter of urgency as the level if thyroxine in my blood was so high it was dangerous. My heart was going way too fast and i had the classic symptoms, ie weight loss, hair falling out, upset tummy etc. basically my body was running too fast. I had to stop breast feeding my 4 month old son immediately as the medication would ben dangerous for him. It was a very upsetting time and I felt so poorly. After 7 years of taking tablets on and off during which time it would settle down but return again, the endocrine consultant said they had to do something more definitive about it and I was given radioactive iodine which was supposed to kill some of the over active thyroid cells. Unfortunately it killed my thyroid completely. However the positive in all this, is I recovered well and have been taking thyroxine for years. I have also been taking propranolol for a couple of years as I have an irregular heart beat, hence the reasoning found this site as needed some support. I have recently been diagnosed a slow release form of propranolol which equates to 160mg a day. I would rather not take it but without it, Im not sure where I would be! It's a drug which is fairly well tolerated and been around for years, probably about 50 years, even children can take it. You have been prescribed a very low dose. Obviously, as with all drugs, they can have side effects and you have to see if it suits you but thyrotoxicosis is dangerous if not controlled so weigh up the risks. I do feel for you as have been through it big time! Hope this helps. Hope you feel better soon x

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