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Lump in throat and hoarse voice after thyroid cancer

About 3 years ago my mum was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had a thyroidectomy and 3 of her 4 parathyroids removed. She underwent treatment after this and was given radioactive iodine and was thankfully given the all clear after about 6 months. In the last few months I have noticed her voice has changed, she sounds quite hoarse and when she talks she coughs as if to clear her throat after every few words. She also has a lump in her throat which has been examined by her consultant and she's been referred to ENT for a scope. I know I shouldn't worry just yet but has anyone else had an experience similar or have any idea what it could be? I've wondered wether it could just be an after effect of the radiotherapy she had, but would that present a lump? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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Does your mother have annual thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin antibody blood tests? I was told that as long as thyroglobulin remains <6 it is unlikely that thyroid cancer has recurred.

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As Clutter has said, it's what I was told too, that under 6 is a good sign that thyroid cancer has not returned.


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