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Hoarse voice, sore throat yet another symptom?

Just when i thought things were going ok. Had about 3 weeks with no symptoms, tiredness, palpatations and thought fantastic got a really busy summer coming up at work and really dont have time to be not well (events and education officer in a large park). But alas it seems that i came crashing down.. palpatations back, tiredness unbelievable and now ive got this hoarse voice and just recently a sore throat and cough (have had the voice for about two weeks now the rest just the past couple of day). Everything else seems to have now gone except these last ones so im just wondering is it just another symptom of my underactive thryoid or is it yet another trip back to docs - was there twice last week as had bloods taken and results came back as no action necessary - am on 50mg of levo. I have had the hoarse voice before but only for possible one day at max.

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I am still learning about the thyroid as only recently diagnose myself but I do believe a horse voice is a symptom of thyroid problems. I notice that when I feel ill that is one of the symptom I get and a sore throat!

Anyway I am sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly to give a more informed opinion.


Hoarse voice is one other symptom of hypothyroidism. The fact that you are only on 50mcg suggests to me that you are on too low a dose.

50mcg is a starting dose unless you are extremely frail.

Can you post your recent thyroid gland blood tests you have had complete with the ranges so that members can comment.

Just ask your surgery for a copy - we are entitled. Keep copies for your own records.Your GP should be aiming for a TSH of 1 or below although many are mistaken in believing that they should keep you 'within the normal range'.

Cursor to question dated April 22, 2007 for information



Thanks, i rang my doctors today for test results, all they managed to give me was my TSH 2.58 with no ranges, just that its normal. Ive got my doctor ringing me in the morning to have a chat as i still dont feel right, sat here now feeling palpatations about to kick in, i am very tired though, but even so. If anyone could let me know what the ranges that i should be within, or a link to where i can find more information, preferably in laymens terms, as i find it very confusing, sorry but im not great with figures and understanding them at the best of times. thanks again x


This is from ThyroidUK and along with symptoms (if your doctor takes them into account) some doctors do prescribe.

It is always easier to get a copy rather than phoning or writing numbers yourself. We can easily make a mistake. See my comment to Jagmac below. 

You can tell your doctor you are a member of Healthunlock Thyroiduk who are NHS Choices for assistance/information.

Make an appointment and discuss with him the following. He may well not agree but he will be informed anyway. They have all been told to prescribe only on the TSH of 10, but some kind, sympathetic doctor will prescribe around 5 with symptoms. In other countries it would be around 3.



"Just ask your surgery for a copy - we are entitled"

Does this apply in the UK?


Yes, it applies in the UK. If you inform the surgery that you want a copy of your blood test results each time, with the ranges. You should have no problems. We are entitled to all of our blood tests. Some give them free and others charge a nominal sum, mine charges 30p.


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