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Anybody experience losing balance and falling to the ground while having hyperthyroidism?

Hi everyone, I am 25 now and had a full thyroidectomy last year after two failed radioactive treatments. Now I am on 100 mg thyroxine. I was first diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when I was in high school around age 17-18. I have always wonder if anyone else ever experience or know why my body did what it did when I had hyperthyroidism. I had many many incidents where I would lose my balance, my legs would get very heavy and I would fall onto the ground. The couple seconds before I fall, would force my legs to walk and it would look like a drunk person trying to walk. I would shuffle my feet because I didn't have the control of bending my knees. But whenever I had to step over something or step down, that's when I would fall straight onto my knees then to the ground. I don't pass out or lose consciousness. Whenever I fall onto my knees, I have sit for a min and rest before I can get back up or if I'm with someone, they would help me up and get me to a chair then I'll be normal again. I did type the whole story of some of my incidents but it was too long. So I'm trying my best to describe it as much as I could cause I really don't know what it is or what caused it. I know most of these incidents happened when it was dark and couldn't see where my feet were going, and with people around or in a position where I am the main focus. I was a very shy person. I don't like public speaking. And I get very nervous when the attention is on me. I did ask my specialist about this but she never really told me what it was. She did asked me if I ate food before any of these incidents happened and yes I remember eating. I don't know if it's anxiety, or panic attack, or me fainting. I don't know. But I would like to know if anyone experienced this while being hyperthyroidism.

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Hi there, I am 18 and just got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 months ago. I also have some issues with balance where I feel like falling to the floor. I also get extremely nervous and don't like public speaking at all and am too a shy person. The extreme nervousness and anxiety is caused by hyperthyroidism. Although I'm still experiencing it whilst on medication where I'm regularly getting tremors and shaking. I'm not sure whether it could be related to stress or thyroid. I will ask my endo about this during my next review which should hopefully be later on this month.


Sounds like B12 Ataxia or even Gluten Ataxia. So check your B12 levels along with Folate - Ferritin - VitD and report back in a new thread. I have Ataxia and do not know if the damage is due to Gluten - Hashimotos or B12 - so I treat all three !


Ask your GP to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. These can be too low with thyroid issues. As Marz says ....it could be low B12


If your GP asks why, You can say you have had advice from NHS thyroid support group

Do you have you most recent Thyroid test results? You are entitled to copies of your own blood tests. Perhaps you can see them online if you have registered for on-line medical records access

You may be not on quite high enough amount of Levo, or may have low T3.

Presumably you had Graves which is autoimmune. You may well benefit from trying 100% gluten free diet. Perhaps try it for 2-3 months see if you notice a difference.


Falling or stumbling in the dark or with eyes closed, I believe, is ataxia or proprioception - a neurological symptom and, together with tremors, shaking and high anxiety, as Marz has suggested, could be related to a B12 deficiency/PA, often linked to thyroid disease.



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