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I am on 150mcg of Levo and my T4 and TSH are in range. I am still symptomatic and really can't shift any weight. I asked my doctor about combining T4 with T3 and she said that they couldn't prescribe it and even if an endo did prescribe it that she didn't think that I would be able to get it via the NHS.

I really want to try T3 - should I go to see an endo or self medicate?

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Welcome to the forum Moonx,

Firstly, please be aware that T3 is not a weight loss medicine. Whilst it's true that some people do lose weight when they take T3, this is certainly not the norm. For weight loss to happen, you may need to tackle your diet alongside optimising your thyroid medication.

Secondly, simply getting your T4 and TSH 'in range' is not sufficient. Most patients need their FT4 to be near the top of the range, and their TSH near the bottom of the range to stand a chance of feeling well. If your recent test results don't show that to be the case for you, then you may benefit from an increased dose of thyroxine.

As I've said to another new member this evening, self medicating with T3 should be an absolute last resort, to be taken only after all other avenues have been explored.

It may be useful to see an endo for an opinion on your case. At least if the endo thinks you could benefit from trying T3, but you then can't get it prescribed, you will have some confidence in going down the self medication route. And you may find that your endo or GP would be willing to support you with blood tests whilst you try T3, even though the medication isn't being prescribed for you.


Thank you for your reply!

My FT4 and TSH are at the top and bottom of range. I have been eating a paleo diet for 3 months and no change at all in weight. I had my FT3 checked and it was just in the reference range.

I'm sure my doctor will refer me to an an Endo.


Sounds like you aren't converting well so you really need to address that first if that's always going to be a problem.

Can you get your B12, it D, flare and Ferritin tested. We are often deficient in such things and these help conversion and so could solve your problem and improve your general health as well. Please post your results from testing as again GP's think being in range is fine but it's where in the range that is important.


Do you have some recent test results? If you have FT3 and FT4 we can see your conversion (if so please post the ranges too)



Yes my recent results are TSH 0.4, T4 19.8 and T3 3.6

I have not had B12 etc so will ask next time.



Do you have the ranges too? The numbers in parenthesis? For example FT4 19.8 (15-22).

And for the T4 and T3 results are those total T4/T3 or free T4/T3 (FT4 FT3?)

They look like FT4/3 results to me. If so then your conversion is not the best and you could definitely use a little T3, but I can't really say without the ranges and knowing for sure that your results are the "frees"


Hi sorry I'm new to all this! Yes they are FT4/3 results.


No problem! Seems like your conversion isn't the best, how long have you been on levothyroxine? It's possible you need to optimize your vitamins and minerals to convert better or that you may need the addition of T3.

I can't tell where in the range your results lie as you haven't provided them, it's important to have the ranges as different labs use different ranges, but what is important is where in the range your result is. Most people feel best and have fewer symptoms with their FT3 in the top quarter of the range, I'm assuming yours is near the bottom of the quarter.

Personally I would prefer to try an Endo over self-medication, I know it's tough right now in the U.K. with T3 or NDT prescriptions so that could be tricky. If you self medicate you should stay on top of your results and symptoms and always make sure you're ordering FT3 and FT4 results along with TSH as your GP is unlikely to do it.


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