Another breach by the NHS through gender discrimination???

Not to isolate the men on this ... we know you suffer too. But if we're gonna convince the NHS they've made a very bad decision then questions like this need to be asked ...

Statistically more women are impacted by thyroid disease and therefore by default more are likely to require thyroid medication. Did the NHS consider this before they withdrew Liothyronine (T3)?

The NHS Constitution states:

"You have the right not to be unlawfully discriminated against in the provision of NHS services including on grounds of gender" (DH, 2015, P.6).

Yet another point I've included in my letters to NHS Board, CCG's and MP's ...

Don't forget ... sign the petition if you haven't already! This madness needs to be stopped!

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  • Yes I've been pointing this out where ever possible! Especially as mens drugs such as viagra and balding drugs weren't on the list! It's a disgrace really!

  • As a bloke I think that is a good strategy. Nobody offered me free Viagra! Too old to bother now.

  • Thank you Treepie . As Pamela said: we don't want to underestimate the impact of the thyroid disease on men (many of them end up undiagnosed because thyroid issues are thought to affect women mainly!) but we have to fight for a better thyroid treatment using every angle possible.

  • Over 40 years ago I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis after 10 years of pain with other causes suggested.At that time only men were thought to be affected . We now know different ,but it often takes several yeats to be diagnosed.

  • I've just come across this article on hypothyroidism in men:

  • Thank you.

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