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Eczema and Hypothyroidism


I have recently developed an Eczema type itchy rash, mainly on my hands, arms and creases in my neck.

Does anyone find it is connected with their hypothyroidism and their thyroid levels. Mine has come on since my T3 level has dropped.

If so can someone advise on what creams, washes etc. have helped.

My Doctor has given me an emollient but I think it is actually making it worse.

Thank you.

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Skin disorders can certainly have a direct connection to inadequately treated hypothyroidism, although that is not the only cause. Low thyroid hormone level can leave us more prone to infection and less able to fight of the baddies :) It might be worth while investigating dietary interventions, as there is increasing evidence that 'gut bacteria' can be involved. A while ago, regular consumption of kefir (a fermented drink) was mentioned as being very helpful in relation to skin problems. Here's a link to a blog about this (NB the author speaks a lot of sense in my opinion, but she does have a vested interest in that she sells kefir skin products). kefirise.com/the-secret-abo...


Many thanks RedApple,

I have had a quick look at the link, it does look very interesting.

I have been thinking about kefir for gut issues for a while after reading about it on the forum.

I read the link in more depth again this evening and will definitely give it a go.

Thank you.

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I can't use any creams or ointments or emollients for eczema because I'm very intolerant of lanolin and liquid paraffin which appear in so many hand creams and ointments and treatments for eczema.

What I use instead is this (prescription only) :


It's a scalp lotion but I don't use it on my scalp (I have no need to) I use it on eczema when it appears.

I found my eczema improved immensely when I got my B12 levels up. But it was a bit of a wait to see a benefit. My eczema got worse before it got better, and it was about three months before it cleared up. I've hardly had any eczema now for a year or two.

It wouldn't surprise me if T3 was implicated in the state of my skin too.

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Many thanks humanbean,

thank you for the link, I will ask my Doctor about it. The one I have at present is Zerobase.

I have never really had Eczema before so I am quite perplex why it should come on at the age of 62.


Hi I was using Mometasone cortisone cream, steroid cream, didn't work like the rest of the stuff. I wonder if these 2 are related, your drug is inhaler or spray, it's very detailed and confusing list... And how did you find B12 levels pls and how did you improved it? What was your B12 level pls? Thanks.


The one I use is the Liquid product, which is the last one on the page I linked.

Some doctors will test B12 levels for patients if they ask. But if they won't you can get testing done privately, if you are prepared to pay. You don't need permission from a doctor, nor do you need to see a doctor to get it done.

Most of us on here use Blue Horizon Medicals or Medichecks for getting the basics done. For more info on private testing see this page :


You'll see the following two tests referred to on here quite often :



They both include the same number of tests although there are small differences between them. They will tell you the levels of your basic nutrients (including B12), and a thyroid function test which is more thorough than you will get from the NHS in the UK.

If your levels of B12 are low you can buy supplements online that are suitable for getting your levels up, but get the tests done first, post the results in a new post, and ask for feedback, and people will tell you the kind of supplements you should be looking for then.

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Many thanks for your kind advise. Best, Neri


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