Levo and eczema symptoms

Hi there. Have been on Levo for about 6 months, dose currently being monitored with frequent blood tests. Am on 50 mcg at moment. However within weeks of starting treatment I developed red / itchy skin on various parts of my body. GP prescribed a steroid cream which I am reluctant to use long term. Any advice / thoughts out there ??? Is this common ??

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  • If you've been on 50mcg for around 6 months, you may be undermedicated. Some GPs think, wrongly, that if our TSH reaches 'normal' range that we are on sufficient thyroid hormones but that's not the case if we still have clinical symptoms.

    If you can get a print-out from the surgery (we are entitled) of your latest blood tests with the ranges, post on a new question for comments. You have to read and learn as much as possible about hypothyroidism in order to recover your health. Some of us react to fillers/binders in the medication. When you get your blood tests done have it as early as possible, don't take your medication in the morning, take it afterwards. Take your meds, on wakening with one glass of water and don't eat for around 1 hour.

    If you happen to have eaten, you have to have a gap of 2 hours each side of levo.

    Go to date June 8, 2001 and September 6, 2001on this link.


  • Thanks for info. Had blood tests yesterday go back for results in ten days.

  • I have found the best cream for eczema is zinc cream.

  • Thanks. Currently going down the essential oils / herbal route with some results...it FEELS better but does not go away !

  • I've had eczema for over 40 years. The severity of it has fluctuated during those years. I have found that low iron makes it much, much worse.

  • Thanks for info.

  • I had a constant itch but no redness on Levo 50mcg for over a year -mostly in legs, shoulders and head. It stopped within 3 days when I stopped Levi recently. I'm NOT suggesting you do the same but please discuss the possibility with your gp that it may be the fillers/binders that is causing your itch. There are other options available, I'm in the middle of this battle at the moment!!

  • Thanks. I am going back soon to get results of latest bloods so will certainly mention the itch. I had over active thyroid treated with radiation many

    years ago, so have been expecting to go under at some point. Methinks I can see battles ahead !!

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