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Weight gain and Graves Disease

Thoroughly fed up and disheartened about my weight. When I was diagnosed with Graves Disease I was 78kg - granted I was thin, I felt great with how I looked. Before the Graves Disease I was around 82kg. After becoming underactive on my block and replace treatment, I peaked at a staggering 92kg...utterly depressing. After being off my meds since Christmas I have lost very little weight and unfortunately my Graves Disease has returned and I am now 91kg. I have just started taking a very low dose of Carbimazole (10mg) and I am really hoping I don't gain any more weight. I am bridesmaid next month and my dress barely fits, does anyone have any advice? I feel very unsightly at the moment :(

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I can't think of anything that will work before the big day other than cut out sugar. For the future it would be useful if you could post your results and ranges and then those who are gone through are going through the same thing can comment.

As for food don't try starving yourself, that doesn't work. If your body suddenly feels starved it hangs on to all it can incase of famine and you don't want that at the moment. Eat sensibly and cytviutctgectginfs, like sugar, that don't help.


Are you on strictly gluten free diet? It helps many with Graves and Hashimoto's

Also important to have good levels of vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12






I just wanted to reply and say I managed to lose the weight, at Xmas I peaked at 96kg! I joined Slimming World and granted that it's hard I have managed to get down to 78kg in 7 months :) I am really strict with what carbs and sugars I have now and that has done the trick. Waiting to hear back on an appointment for a total thyroidectomy though, I really hope I can control my weight well afterwards.

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Good vitamin levels essential

Many need small dose of T3 in addition to Levo

You will need FT3, FT4 testing every time and if FT3 is too low when FT4 is near top of range then, like many you may benefit from approx 10-20mcg T3 daily.

You will need to push hard to even get FT3 tested, let alone prescription for T3. Thousands on here get private testing of thyroid and vitamins and then private prescription if T3 required


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