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Hi everyone, I joined this site a month ago getting advice on my underactive thyroid.some members said to get a blood test and put the results on here so members could give me good advice. I was always tired and run down,what a found was my thyroid was ok but my vitamin d was below average. But most importantly my ferritin level was 718, it should be between 200 to 400. When I took the results to my doctor,I could only get an appointment with a nurse practioner.she checked my previous blood tests and found that my ferritin level was higher that it is now since aug 2016. She couldn't understand why the GP had never picked this up.I was told I was depressed and abit of anxiety and I was given some sleeping tablets which I didn't take because I was convincedit was something else.I have now gone to The nhs complaints department to get advice on what I can do next.I just want to get better. The nhs department have put a grievance against mt practice and I have a doctors appointment with one of the doctors who said I was depressed to sort my ferritin level out.thankyou for your great advice in the first place because without you guys I would not have got the result I needed.regards wayne

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Well done Wayne. If they do tests but neither communicate the outcome, nor act on them we are stuffed. Glad that you are getting somewhere.

Thanks for your reply.I am more concerned about the long term affect it may cause due to the doctors negligence.

I would be worried too in your case. My doctors did the same with my B12 and antibody levels. Do document everything said and done to ensure that you have good records. Good luck with your complaint and appointment. Let us know how you get on.

Ok thankyou wayne

The main thing is that you are now being looked after properly and I am glad.

How many thousands of patients are fobbed off with 'anti-d's when they have something else going on which hasn't been checked.

I am glad you are now getting sorted out properly.

Hopefully tomorrow when I see the Doctor he will be able to make me well again.thanks for replieng wayne

That's what we want 'to feel well again' and it is possible if the doctor can rectify his/her mistake.

Suggest you take a family member or friend along to consultation if possible.

It helps to have some moral support and well as a witness.

I will do thankyou,my wife is coming with me.thankyou for replieng. Wayne

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