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heart rate worries

for ages now my heart rate has been 75-90

today its 54-65 and i fee lousy with it (i guess its where i got used to it being faster)

could it be that im finally on a decent dose of thyroxine?

few weeks ago TSH was 3.31 i increased from 6ml to 7ml (140mcg)

im also taking 30mg propranolol 3 times a day and took my normal dose this morning, i will keep eye on it and not take any later of still slow but normally it will only slightly lower it

im waiting on chest x ray results..so now worrying more than i was before

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When and why did you start taking propranolol?

Did you start on that dose? Or has it increased.


ive been taking it for about a year now started at 10mg twice a day then 20mg twice a day and for a few months been taking 30mg 3 times a day, dr has told me i can increase as and when needed as long as i dont go over 50mg a time


Propranolol slows thyroid conversion & uptake and is usually used when hyperthyroid.

Propranolol slows heart rate.

See the reply from Diogenes


Search Propranolol on here there are lots of posts

Having said that I was on propranolol and Levo for years. My heart rate was always very low. But once I changed to strictly gluten free diet was able to ween completely off propranolol

You must not stop taking any beta-blocker suddenly, but reduce dose down incredibly slowly



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