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Update - in case anyone else is in a similar position!

I posted recently that the derm thought I had lichen aureus - well the biopsy results came back and it's granuloma annulare apparently. I've been put on tacrolimus. Wondering if anyone else with hypo has had or tried this? I'll update in a month or so even if no one has, just in case it helps anyone else down the line. :)

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My daughter was diagnosed with Granuloma annulare when she was 18. It comes and goes a bit like cold sores. She is now 25 and has very few flare ups. It clears up with cream.Doctors told her she should outgrow it.

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The tacrolimus doesn't seem to be working yet but it's only been three days so I imagine it takes some time to kick in, remaining hopeful! What cream does your daughter use please? Is she hypothyroid too? Thanks for commenting :) x


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