Is anyone else's GP hopeless?

Some of you will know that I had some problems with my GP's management of my thyroid meds. Following my third miscarriage, which was partly due to this, I sought legal advice for medical negligence, and insisted on being referred to a specialist. I've since ONLY seen the endos at the hospital. I'm happily and heavily pregnant now, and recently had bloods done. Two days later, I got a call from my GP telling me to 'increase the dose to 150mg, daily'.

I'm currently on 225mg daily. Got in touch with endo at hospital and was told 'this is why your GP has NOTHING to do with your meds. DON'T change your dosage'.

Reassuring, in its own way, although I feel sorry for anyone else who is his patient...

Are all GPs this bad?

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  • No, Mrs. Sch, yours sounds spectacularly inept. Mine is very good in the main. Endo calls the shots with meds although GP did agree to a dose reduction when I felt over medicated. When's you;re baby due?

  • Thanks, Clutter. Due in the next 2 weeks, all being well. Have since changed GPs. Don't want him to have anything to do with a tiny baby I've worked hard to make! lol

  • I should think not, he'd probably tell you baby needs antidepressants because s/he cries! I hope you have an easy labour and an easy going baby :)

  • We could write a book couldn't we ........

    Hope all goes very well with baby sch's arrival.

    A GP of mine insisted my baby son was only lacking breast milk as clearly I wasn't feeding him enough. In fact he was literally ebbing away with a very rare metabolic disorder. The GP repeatedly telephoned the hospital once a locum had my son admitted and got the nursing staff there to tell me each time, that he had called to enquire after my son. Covering his back in case of a law suit me thinks.

  • Hypnoteq: probably. Hope your son is well again, now. Thank goodness the locum realised!

  • It transpired his brother has it too, but to a lesser extent.

    Well what he said was, do you have any other children? Yes, a 20 yr old and an 11 yr old I replied. Do you think your baby is ill? Yes I said. Well you have far more experience of children than I have, he replied ( he was very young!), if you think he is ill I am going with that, and shall just write the letter of referral for you to go to the hospital now .........

    If only it was always like that. ;-)

  • Thank you, both of you. It's good to know that my GP isn't the only hopeless one, but also worrying that others are as bad... I can only say that now, being aware of it, I'm much more likely to request a second opinion, or referral to 'someone who knows what they are talking about' at the very least...

  • change your doctor

  • Just as well your endo has more of a clue at least!

  • Yes, even worse. Useless, unfit for purpose, dangerous

  • Can't we get these idiots reported in some way? This is dangerous AND criminal.

  • In a word yes ! My treatment by my Doctor has been appalling. When I was diagnosed with UAT I got zero help and advise, all the information I have found out about this condition has been made via self help groups. I kept telling them I needed a blood test to confirm that the medication was adequate and they looked at me like I had two heads. After another incident concerning my heart problems I was convinced that if I didn't do something he would end up killing me. He wanted to stop all my heart medication so I contacted the practice manager and sent a ten page complaint letter. I no longer see the Doctor concerned, I see other Doctors in the practice but I realise that for some this is not an option. Congratulations for your happy news wishing you well for the future. Personally I would never take advice from a general practitioner over a Doctor who specialises in their given field.

  • Mines pretty useless too, I have Graves and have recently had a miscarriage, I'm pretty sure it's because my TSH was too high. Went to see my GP last week to discuss a plan for next time and he just turned around and said "sorry I know absolutely nothing about Graves" my endo is equally as useless, she just sits there & umms and arrs at me!

  • Why IS there no way for us to report these dangerous GPs? When I asked a lawyer, I was told 'You're talking about taking on the NHS. You won't win - they cover each other's backs.'

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