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anyone else

feeling so tired even if you just make 10 steps but feel like you have been running for hours?the only good thing is that i have lost all the weight i gained since the surgery which means that levo works?i eat mostly protein foods

or feel that you are out of breath?i was wondering if during the day i consume too much dairy food which i do is that a bad thing?

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Some people would say it is a bad thing to eat too much dairy. You might be getting too much calcium - although I don't think that makes you tired, but it's not good. I hope you're at least eating some salade with your cheese. You need the K2 content to direct the calcium into the bones and teeth, so that it doesn't build up in the soft tissues.

But, do you have copies of your recent labs? It could be that you're tired because you're under-medicated.


Breathlessness can be a symptom of not being on sufficient thyroid hormones. I shall give you a link and suggest your get a free T4 and free T3 blood test. You may be too low on T3 (bearing in mind I'm not medically qualified):-



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